Cartoon! Interlude with a Vampire

Here’s a cartoon to watch tonight! Mina and the Count: Interlude with a Vampire. I almost feel sorry for the poor hungry vampire. 🙂



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41 Responses

  1. pkletter92 says:

    that make my baby add creeps me out…In so many ways…Anyways. Back to Loving werewolves…

  2. pkletter92 says:

    OOOOO I love werewolves Soooooo much…………

  3. pkletter92 says:

    Double rainbow ALL THE WAY…

  4. Aconissa says:

    I love that video! Have you seen the double rainbow song?

  5. pkletter92 says:

    makes me chuckle every time i see it.

  6. Hachina says:

    @Dream Catcher: Don’t forget Wil E. Coyote. xP

  7. Aconissa says:

    @pkletter92: He’s a great man, a great man.

  8. I ust’ve done that on accident when I was on a different pc.. my bad

  9. jo says:

    this is so cuuuuuteeee! i watched this one and man it rocks hehe especially the girl lol XD

  10. lonewolf123 says:

    Umm, guys, they STILL have two stupid dogs.

  11. lonewolf123 says:

    @pkletter97: When I saw the double rainbow vid, I felt like screaming turtle. btw, are you also going by the user Kletter?

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