involuntary transformation warning signs

It’s not uncommon for headaches to occur more frequently for a weighted person, a werewolf in human form. Headaches will warn of an imminent  involuntary transformation. Many times you will be warned, you will be given signs from your body, typically within 1-2 days of the involuntary transformation. Headaches, body aches, and often a runny nose. The runny nose is not like the nose from a head cold or the “common cold,” it is more like the wet runny nose you get from being in the cold weather for to long. But take note, this is for the involuntary transformation; warning signs are not reliable for knowing when you will transform, sometimes there are no warning signs of the involuntary transformation, it will just happen. An experienced weighted person can often suspect of an oncoming involuntary transformation and does not need the signs to tell him or her when they will involuntarily transform.



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  1. Wolfy 35 says:

    I have dreams I want to bite ppl but n reality I sometimes growl

  2. Lycanhope says:

    @Mary: Out of body experiences happen to some people, usually people who are more perceptive. I would say that’s a slight possession, but if it’s fairly constant and not getting worse then you should be fine.

  3. Secretfear says:

    i guess no one comes on this website anymore but ok i don’t have any of these symptoms accept a runny nose thats now left the pain id have is like a crushing of my right lower rib and i remember wanting to be a werewolf but after i got the pain in my rib i dont want this no more also i really need help so please if anyone sees this please help me

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Lycanhope says:

    @Secretfear: Well none of those are signs that you’re turning into a werewolf, so my advise would be see a doctor.

  5. Secretfear says:


    OK! But my sis has had all of the signs, and i’ve got my runny nose back no cold though.And last night someone broke into our house but took nothing and ever since we woke up there’s been this unusual smell like sweet water and i just wanted to Know do werewolves track down members of there pack. Finally i am just beginning to feel like things are getting in place maybe we could chat via email sometime.

  6. Secretfear says:

    Someone answer plz……………….. huh,huh,huh

    #i’m such a mess

  7. Lycanhope says:

    @SecretFear: Yeah no, none of those are werewolf things. Don’t worry about it.

  8. Secretfear says:

    Thanx do you want to be my online pen pal, it’s a skool project

  9. Lycanhope says:

    @SecretFear: Unfortunately no, I prefer to remain as anonymous as possible on the Internet, and as such don’t give my contact information away. I can think of only two people on here I’ve ever given my email to, and neither of them frequent here anymore.

  10. Meloney says:

    So, I have done multiple spells… Multiple times… Seance then… I have unexplainable body pains… My eyes can be brown one day, green the next, gold the other.. My eyes are always changing color.. I’ve found that my anger has rapidly increased, and I have very sharp points at the end of my k9’s. One of the spells that I did said that I would have a dream of a wolf the next night.. And that would be my transformed looked… Well I did have that dream.. But I have never turned… My nose has been runny quite abit lately and I have no cold. Could this be a sign of transformation?

  11. Lee Ann says:

    @Meloney: its the middle of winter. See a therapist.

  12. Madd Dogg says:

    i have had signs like that but i never transformed of corse i am a human so…oh well!:)…i guess……i hope…..

  13. wolfey35 says:

    I read meloney statement. U need to see a doc its a full moon and its cold. I hav body aches so just hang tite it will be alright.

  14. wolfey35 says:

    Hello there I had dreams where I run but not by myself I wake up growling sometimes is there something wrong with me

  15. Anara says:

    Hi I had the flu a couple days before the fullmoon and that was a sign I was transforming but I didn’t know this and I was out of school for Wednesday and Thursday and I went back on Friday wich was the fullmoon and I randomly had a panic attack and went crazy they sent me to the nurse and I went home and I ran into my backyard with a bunch of trees like forest or the woods but anyway I blacked out and I woke up on the ground at 2 in the morning and my parents asked where I was and I said I don’t remember and they took me to a psycic and she told them I was a werewolf and they thought she was crazy but I belived her thanks for the warning signs really helped me out 🙂

  16. Lycanhope says:

    I had the flu and a panic attack, but a psychic said I was a werewolf, so that’s obviously correct.
    Urg, kids.
    Go see a neurologist, not some con artist.

  17. Shae says:

    Do the warning signs still work if you’ll shift because of a spell?

  18. Halfpaw says:

    This morning I had a runny nose and a sore throat and thought I had a cold. Now I feel a lot better. Is this a transformation sign?

  19. Lycanhope says:

    Is that a joke of my answer to Anara? Or a legitimate question? I honestly can’t tell

  20. luckypride says:

    I need help figuring this out, it 100% TRUE. A couple of days ago I have been having these weird things happen to me like for example I can hear all the sounds around me but it takes me time to know what someone is saying, I crave meat alot and I love the smell of it, I get angery fast, I like to run, I am always warm ( this one freaked me out because I get cold easily) , I hate big crowds, my eyes have golden rings around them and there dark brown. Today my bodyaches badly, i have a runny nose and my jaw is aching. Is there someone that can truly help if there is my email is [email protected]

  21. Lycanhope says:

    @luckypride: See a doctor and a psychologist.

  22. Luck says:

    Lycanhope i dont think you are an werewolf, and your facts dont sound true. A “pyschic” really? I think you just made that story up so someone can believe you. How old anyways? What i know is that being a werewolf is about the spiritual mind. You cannot tell people lies because you therefore are not one. Sorry to say. So i say that you go see a doctor and all the other help you can get. Good bye 🙂

  23. Lycanhope says:

    @Luckypride: Oh, you were hit quite hard with the stupid stick weren’t you?

    If you’d actually read anything, you would have seen that that was a sarcastic response to Anara, and that is her/his story not mine. But you didn’t, because you didn’t care, I just said something you didn’t like and didn’t respond to your nonsense how you wanted, so you immediately looked for some way to make me look like a fool.
    Good job on that, I’ve really been put in my place.

    I’m 20, been studying everything about this for almost 9 years, been in 5 or 6 packs, was the right hand man for 3. So please, do continue to tell me things I already have heard time and time again.

    It is not necessarily a spiritual thing, because not everyone has a spiritual connection to it. So that’s wrong as well. Any connection to spiritualism is not required.

    To specifically refer to your “symptoms” in more detail, there was about 3 things there that wasn’t complete and utter nonsense. I didn’t bother to mention them, because it was fairly obvious you just did a copy-paste typical werewolf story, since everything you said was near identical to every other idiot that comes through this place.

    Have I covered everything now oh great one, or do you want to continue to embarrass yourself?

  24. luck says:

    @lycanhope That is such a fake story I’m surprised youd actually think that I believe that. I also have been studying about werewolfs too and it is an spirtual thing. I know I’m an wolf and I really do not what you’ve got to say about me. what really ticks me off is how your really rude to these kids if your a 20 year old then act like one! be glad they believe and stop acting like your better then anyone. I bet you use that “see a doctor” phrase from someone who told you that.

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