Is Chewbacca from Star Wars really Bigfoot?

chewbacca wookie bigfootChewbacca, Han Solo’s companion, co-pilot, and confidante in Star Wars, appears to resemble a creature from Earth you may be familiar with – Bigfoot! Is that on purpose?

What kind of creature is Chewbacca?

Now, to begin with, George Lucas does not claim that Chewie is a Bigfoot (or Sasquatch). According to Star Wars mythology, Chewbacca is a Wookie. Wookies are non-human creatures that hail from the jungles of a planet called Kashyyk. The word “wookie” is said to translate into “People of the Trees”, due to the fact that they live in treehouses on their home planet.  Interestingly, the name for the most famous wookie of all time (Chewbacca) was supposedly derived from the Russian word for dog – sobaka (cobaka).

Did Bigfoot inspire Chewbacca?

According to George Lucas, as he was trying to figure out who was going to be Han Solo’s Star Wars co-pilot, he took inspiration from his own dog, an Alaskan Malamute who would “co-pilot” his car…at that moment he knew it was going to be a non-human fur-covered creature.  But that is not where the creation of the wookie stops.  According to Animal Planet, who went further into analysis of the Wookie – Chewbacca, and other wookies, were inspired by primates such as lemurs, and also by a great ape – the orangutan.

In summary, Star Wars’ Chewbacca was inspired by the merger of a dog and primates, not by bigfoot.  But….despite the supposed manner in which Chewbacca was created, the resulting wookie that is Chewbacca does bear an impossible-to-ignore resemblance (dare I say almost identical resemblance?) to the creature on Earth known as bigfoot! Compare if you will:

Chewbacca:  A wookie which is described as a fur-covered, non-english speaking humanoid that can climb trees and lives in the jungle.


Bigfoot:  All descriptions of bigfoot are that of a fur-covered, non-english speaking humanoid that lives in the forest.

Sound pretty similar, don’t they?

More similarities between bigfoot and Chewbacca:

Both bigfoot and chewbacca are:

  • covered from head to foot in thick (normally) brown colored fur
  • said to have claws (Chewbacca’s are said to be retractable)
  • believed to be highly intelligent
  • reported as being very tall (approx 7 feet in height reported for various sightings of bigfoot, while the actor that played Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew, is 7 feet, 3 inches tall)
  • incredibly strong
  • bipedal humanoid creatures
  • live amongst trees (wookies prefer jungles, bigfoot prefers forests)
  • not trusting of strangers

Finally, look at the pictures!  It is impossible to deny that the pictures that exist of bigfoot are almost identical to that of Chewbacca!

Given the undeniable resemblances between Chewbacca and bigfoot, it is a bit confusing as to why Lucas contrived an odd backstory as to the creation of the wookie, when all he had to say was that he envisioned the wookie as a type of bigfoot!



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