Is Dracula a werewolf?

For those who are not overly familiar with dracula, one of the most interesting pieces of information about him is that dracula is a shapeshifter. Specifically, dracula can shapeshift into a wolf! Of course, he is known to shapeshift into other things as well – specifically a bat, a large dog, fog, and mist. For our purposes however, the fact that he can shapeshift into a wolf is particularly interesting. Since werewolves have also been known to be able to shapeshift into wolves, does that make dracula a werewolf!?

is dracula a werewolf

Traditionally, the role of shapeshifter has pretty much exclusively been associated with werewolves, not necessarily vampires. Modern day vampires, specifically, have dissociated from the shapeshifter identity. Historically however, shapeshifting was indeed a part of a vampire’s skillset – numerous legends, myths and stories make mention of it.

So, to the question on if shapeshifting makes dracula a werewolf, the answer is pretty straightforward: No. Just because dracula can shapeshift into a wolf does not make him a werewolf!

The answer is much clearer when you think about the fact that not all shapeshifters are werewolves. In fact, shapeshifters are their own entities. Shapeshifters are creatures or beings that can transform their physical selves into something else. History, legends, myths, and tales all site a varied assortment of shapeshifters that can transform themselves into any type of animal one can think of. In fact, some can even transform into inanimate objects!

Dracula is a vampire. He is a creature that subsists on blood. He is a member of the undead. And while yes, he is a vampire that can shapeshift into various things (including a wolf), he is NOT a werewolf!



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3 Responses

  1. Luci says:

    Im a hybrid vamp werewolf and demon

  2. Joshua Johnson says:

    But he was referred to as either a were-wolf or vampire. In his old man form he has canine teeth and fur on his palms. His eyes reflect at night like a wolf and the wolf’s follow him like a alpha instead of him just controlling them.

    This is not the only proof he appropriate animal qualities. He moved like a lizard up the wall and seem reptilian.

    He seem to be something more than a vampire as he was stronger than all other vampires. None had his a abilities and he said he got his form from a unknown devil.

    Vampires in the book was stated to become corpse in the daytime and this was shown with Mina friend. But Dracula could move in the daytime. He took a shovel to the face and healed and moved over water which vampires cannot do without assistance. But he moved and used his powers which should not have happened as the water should have grounded him and made him a corpse.

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