Is it possible to trap a werewolf in a net?

We have all seen it… the classic movie scene where the human (or catch a werewolf sometimes even the animal) gets tricked into running into an animal trap designed to keep the victim alive. But would it be possible to trap a werewolf in a transformed state in this very same manner?

Well, odds are that most werewolves are too smart to be scammed into being trapped in the first place. But sometimes these types of animal traps can be hidden so good that only the person who set the trap would even know it was there. So it is possible on very rare occasions to come across a werewolf in a live animal trap hanging from a tree.

The werewolf gets caught in the net trap, now what?
Well, the werewolf has soo many things working for him (or her) in this situation, including sharp claws, body weight, eyesight, and fangs. At this point it is up to the werewolf to decide which “power” he would like to use to break loose from the trap.

Is a live trap even strong enough to hold a werewolf?

In most cases the weight of the werewolf alone is enough to break the trap. It is extremely difficult to trap a werewolf and the hunter would have to be aware that the werewolf has an above average body weight. The hunter would have to anticipate and foresee putting the trap in a tree that could hold the werewolf body weight, he would also have to add a counterbalance that would even be able to lift the werewolf. The hunter would need to have a net with rope that is the proper gauge too! If the rope is not thick enough it would not even hold the werewolf or even be able to lift it into the tree to begin with!

Should the werewolf be worried about live animal traps?

Probably not! It is rare to find a werewolf in such a trap and even if he were to be caught in rope it is easy enough for the werewolf to break! The werewolf would break free with strength! Or he could cut the rope with razor sharp claws, or gnaw at it with sharp fangs!

For the most part the werewolf should not worry about common live animal rope traps.



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6 Responses

  1. zackaria says:

    i think werewolfs are awsome i know someone who is one(:

  2. lexx says:

    Oh totally. I read a book where the author actually did it something like that. You just gotta catch them in their human form. I think Being Human did and episode of that too.

  3. wolfsbane says:

    its possible to trapa lycanthope in a net but not for long

  4. wolfsbane says:

    i am half werewolf

  5. lonewolf123 says:

    Sure you are. 😉

  6. It is not possible to get a werewolf trapped in a net.

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