Is Sunday the worst day of the week for werewolves?

how the sun effects werewolvesWerewolves are closely linked with the moon, so a day associated with the sun might not be their favorite day of the week! The day in question? Sunday!

Is the day of the week Sunday really named after the sun?

It’s interesting to note that the word “Sunday” really does refer to the sun! The word is originally derived from a Latin word “dies solis” which translates to “Sun’s Day”. Romans originally named each of the days of the week after one of the “7 planets” – Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon! Naming the day was based on which planet was in control for that particular day based on Hellenistic astrology. Eventually Sunday came to be known as a Roman holiday (the Lord’s Day) which was deemed a day of rest.

In short: “Sunday” was very closely tied to the Sun based on astrology!

If Sunday is related to the Sun, what does it mean for werewolves?

In general, Sundays may not feel significantly different to the werewolf, especially since the moon can have such a spectacular pull upon the werewolf (especially younger ones) and really feel like it is the only influence. It should be noted however, that more experienced, older werewolves who are very tuned in to the moon might feel a small amount of difference on this day. The difference however is very negligible and would be very difficult to detect to all but the most in-tune with themselves and the moon.



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4 Responses

  1. zilver says:

    yeah i know sunday is associated with sun, monday for moon 😉

  2. Flare23 says:

    So how does a Sunday affect a werewolf? And why does it affect it? On a Sunday the sun is the highest and what will happen on a Monday when the full moon comes again? Are the wolfs a affected? And how are the werewolves affected and why? Please tell me!?

  3. O says:

    I don’t think this is the right place to be asking this, but I’m hoping for some answers and I’m not sure where else to find them. How does the hair to fur transformation work? I’ve read in the past that human hair can only be as long as werewolf fur (but not so sure considering the transformation of nails to claws, and bone reshaping [why couldn’t hair/fur shift similarly?]), and also that a werewolf’s fur color would match their hair color when appearing as human. How would hair dye affect this? If a werewolf dyed their hair from brown to red, would their fur color be changed when a wolf from brown to red as well?

    FRIES AND STAKE!! And spam!!

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