Is the Beast from Beauty and the Beast a werewolf

Everyone knows the classic fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast….a story of about a merchant with three daughters, one of whom – named Belle – is beautiful and pure of heart – and ends up living with the “beast” in his castle.  She does not know that the “beast” is actually a prince that has been cursed in “beast” form by a fairy and cannot transform back to human form until he finds true love.  Could this classic story have anything to do with werewolves?

Beauty and the Beast is a werewolf

Could the BEAST from Beauty and the Beast be a WEREWOLF?

It’s interesting that a “curse” is cited in myths and legends as one method whereby one can become a werewolf.  So, in the classic fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast, could the Beast be considered a werewolf?  He does meet some basic criteria including – 1.) he does not walk around in human form, 2.) even though he’s not human, he still retains his human memories, thoughts, and emotions, and 3.) he does end up “transforming” once the curse is broken. Also, a 4th classic method of becoming a werewolf – at least in legends –  is a “curse” – which obviously is the case with the “beast”.   So when you think about all these things and compare this story to other classic “werewolf” stories such as the famous werewolf story of Bisclavret the Good Werewolf (which is over 900 years old), you see striking similarities.  Someone transformed by a curse to another non-human form that needs one special thing to break the “curse” and transform back to human form – in the beasts case the special thing is true love, with Bisclavret it is his clothing.

When you break it down like that, sounds a little like a werewolf, doesn’t it?



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13 Responses

  1. Suki says:

    Possibly “the beast” could be a werewolf but we will never truly know for this is a fay tail and well there is to many different ways its told. But personally I would like to think that yes he is a wolf. But there is no in-depth description that this conclusion could be drawn to unless The original Author was still alive in which they are not.

  2. StormRunner says:

    Very interesting. I’va never read the story but I’ve seen the animated film by Disney. It was great but I saw it soooo long ago.

  3. Suki says:

    The books always better

  4. StormRunner says:

    Ya usually the books are always better. I just finished the fifth book of the Alex Rider series and I don’t think a movie could top off the action, drama, and suspense of the book.

  5. Suki says:

    Ai that is a great series.

  6. StormRunner says:

    You’ve read it?

  7. StormRunner says:

    Two hour delay for school today. Woohoo! Snow time!

  8. Hmm…Wierd, I’ve always wondered the same thing ever since I first seen the movie(last year).

  9. athena says:

    I noticed a while ago that the beast did have some similarities with a werewolf. So me personally I consider the beast and a wolf-like creature but we will never know tha truth as “suki”said the author is not alive.

  10. manalmighty says:

    not a werewolf because its not always the full moon at night,but very monster like.

  11. Henrik Jensen says:

    if you look carefully, when in the disney movie, when he let belle leave to run out to his father, you’ll see him howl at the moon, thats pretty werewolf’s, i would say…

  12. kirsi says:

    There are some retellings where Beast is the werewolf, like 1962 film Beauty and the beast, and Beauty and the Werewolf (A Tale of the Five Hundred Kingdoms) by Mercedes Lackey.

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