Is The Werewolf Conscious of Time?

Does Time Matter to the Werewolf? Lets go more in depth on the question; is the werewolf “aware” or “consciousness” of time passing while in the transformed state?

Imagine you have already fully transformed into a werewolf. You are all by yourself and you are in your werewolf form in the middle of a city park, more than likely it is early in the evening, about 10pm -ish.

Fully shifted you are idle there in the park a bit fatigued from the entire transformation process and your mind is a bit confused from the whole ordeal, not unreasonable for a weighted one right? Catch your breath for a minute and regroup yourself – allow part of your human self to come back to you as much as you can- this is the only way that your werewolf form will wreak less havoc on the human and animal population on this planet -breath. Reality – As much as you can awaken and as hard as you try to recall your human self only a tiny bit of your human consciousness can surface to the mind of the fully shifted being, the night begins.

Shifted – No Awareness of Time – As the night progresses and no matter what the activities you partake in throughout your evening as a werewolf the last thing on your mind in time- time from your wrist watch. For all you know it could have been 15 minutes or 15 hours that you have been in your shifted form and you will have no awareness of time and no measure of how long the evening will be throughout the entire experience. The werewolf does not experience time as a human will, humans love time and love scheduling along with time, love that time passes by with a measure.

Instincts– The reality is that when you are in your werewolf form your measure of time will no longer exist. The “animal” or weighted part of your “self” will take over your mind body and soul and you will no longer realize anything that you may attempt and this includes awareness of time. When your instincts take hold all measure is lost, all control is lost, all time is lost in your “new reality.”
werewolf time
Meaning-What happens when the Moon in no longer full? What is the meaning of the werewolf not being aware and not being able to keep track of time? There really is not a specific meaning to this, in fact for the werewolf it would be more beneficial for a time tracking consciousness to exist so that he/she would know when the transformation will end but because of the lack of awareness of time the weighted one will not know when the full moon is ending. This might be because of the fusing of human and animal minds some things are lost in the process and time tracking or “awareness” of time is certainly one of them.



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12 Responses

  1. Bran Growling-Crescent says:

    i dont know if we do but i often wake up in the woods naked

  2. Emmarose says:

    When I transform I know everything thats happening around me I know what time it is by simply looking at the moon I need no watch or clock to know the time and I always know where I am andwhat Im doing and what time it is I dont know if all werewolves are like this but this is my experiance as a wolf

  3. I love werewolves because I am a werewolf

  4. Alpha female Reyna says:

    ok so im a werewolf nice to meet you all when i transform i know whats happening im proud to be a wolf

    • Anon says:

      Lucid dreaming + Sleepwalking= Retarded claims

    • The Masked Warrior(Wolf Army) *Bushman* ^Alpha^ says:

      Oh, also this is a safe heaven for, so if you don’t believe in us, THEN LEAVE!!!! I have had to deal with a lot of SHÍT, including losing lots of people die to your kind so just LEAVE!!! I don’t want to see you here EVER again!!!

  5. Alpha says:

    Everyone who can transform knows whats happening

  6. -Alpha Female- says:


  7. teen werewolf says:

    i want to be a werewolf

  8. josiah says:

    this is awesome

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