Is this a baby werewolf or the strangest dog ever?!

Although people have readily believed that this creature is a “baby werewolf“, this curious looking animal is in fact a dog!

Her name is Quasi Modo, and she has taken on the esteemed title as “world’s ugliest dog”. Quasi Modo’s unique looks which give her an odd, werewolf-like appearance are due to a genetic disorder called short spine syndrome. The disorder is very rare and, as the name implies, it means that her spine is shorter than a normal dog’s spine would be. The result is an odd appearance, an unusual gait, and a few other quirks – like her inability to turn her head (instead she has to turn her whole body).

(Do you think she looks like a werewolf baby?!)

For those who happen to see Quasi Modo on the street, her appearance is quite shocking. Her body is much shorter than a normal dog (due to her shortened spine), her legs are long and spindly, she has a broad chest, her ears are tall and alert, and her neck is practically non-existent. Despite her odd looks, she is said to have a very loveable, pleasant personality! In fact, everyone she meets instantly falls in love with her so-ugly-she’s-cute looks!

It is unknown what exact breed or mix breed of dog Quasi Modo is, but those who know her say that that is part of her charm. It is quite easy to imagine and believe that she is a unique creature all her own…and indeed, that is exactly what she appears to be!

She was Second Place for Ugliest Dog in 2014, see her in action!



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