Is this a Real Bigfoot 911 call?

911 BIGFOOT phone callIs this Bigfoot phone call fact or fiction?

The phone call appears to have been made from a man was sitting at home.  He never uses the word “bigfoot” to describe what he sees, however his sighting seems to match other bigfoot sightings and reports.

During the call, the man describes what happens….he sees something running across his yard and looks out the window to investigate.  From his window he catches a brief glimpse of what he thinks looks like a huge man.  The man has fast movements and he doesn’t think he would be able to chase him.  Concerned because his dog had been killed not too long prior, he calls 911 to report the sighting.

As he is talking to the 911 operator, the man gets a better glimpse at the creature in his yard – he describes it as being at least 6 feet 9 inches tall.  The caller seems quiet shocked at what he’s seeing.  The 911 operator asks if what he is seeing is a person and the distracted caller seems to confirm this, but you can tell there seems to be something else the caller is seeing and is holding back…there seems to be something a little strange about this 6 foot 9 inch creature in his yard.

Listen to the full phone call here….did this man just call in a bigfoot?




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