What do you think, is this a picture of a real werewolf? There have been a number of recent controversial sightings of Bigfoot, Aliens, and Chupacabras, but fewer sightings of werewolves. Why is this?

Is it because of the werewolves need to be alone? Is it just because they are so adept at hiding? Some of these may be true but people believe the werewolf population is diminishing at a rapid rate, at such a rapid rate that it appears sometime in the future there is a real possibility that werewolves might become extinct.

So where are all the dead werewolf bodies you might ask? The same experts believe that there are no werewolf bodies because upon death the werewolf transforms back into human form, any dead body therefore will transform back into human shape.

This brings us to this photo of this possible werewolf. Why is this “werewolf” in werewolf form? Is it really a werewolf? Is it possible that the werewolf never transformed back into human form? Is this a virus that inhibited the reverse transformation process? And if so is this part of a new werewolf trait?

real werewolf