Is this real video footage of a Yeti sighting in Russia?

The video footage captured below was recorded on a mountain ridge in Bashkortostan Russia and is claimed to be a possible Yeti sighting!

The person taking the footage is driving a car at night with a camera pointed out the car’s front window filming the road. At first, all you can see in the video is a dark sky and a snow-covered road as the car makes its way through the night. All at once, in the far distance of the road, just at the edge of the light shining from the car’s headlights, a whitish figure darts across the road. The figure moves so quickly that at first it is difficult to tell what it is. Replayed multiple times however, it does appear to be a human-ish figure loping quickly from one side of the road to another.

The drivers responsible for the footage claimed that they were certain the figure was upright on two legs. Watching the footage in slow motion, it certainly does appear to be a biped as the drivers claim.

So if it is a figure on two legs, could the footage be that of a human instead of a yeti? Certainly! Many viewers however believe that since the area that the video was filmed in is so remote and cold, it is unlikely that it was a human waiting on the side of the road to trick someone.

Could this be a video of a real Yeti? You decide!

Is this footage of a real Yeti?

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