jiang shi a chinese hopping vampire

Vampires don’t just drink blood. They hop too!
In Chinese folklore, the hopping vampire is called the jiang shi. Now to be fair to vampires, the jiang shi is not a true vampire. It is considered a vampire/zombie hybrid due to having characteristics of both. It is said that the jiang shi is a reanimated corpse (much like a traditional zombie) that roams around trying to find living creatures from which to absorb their life force (much like the vampire). When it moves around it moves at night, and its preferred method of movement is hopping!! A hopping vampire!

chinese vampire

But as I mentioned, the jiang shi is not a true vampire. It is actually an undead human that has been brought back to life, and the general appearance of the jiang shi varies depending on how decomposed the body was when it was brought back to life. They can appear as severely rotting humans (much like gruesome zombies) or as pale death-like humans (more like vampires). Many of the creatures that have been brought back to life at later stages of decomposition also have a greenish appearance due to mold growing on them. Also interesting, is that both the jiang shi and the vampire have a connection with mirrors – while it is said in traditional folklore that the vampire cannot see his reflection in a mirror at all, it is said that the jiang shi can see their refelction, but are terrified of that reflection in the mirror.

Legends cite a number of ways a dead human becomes a jiang shi, a few of which include being under the spell of a witch or sorcerer, having a spirit possess the dead body, or if a soul doesn’t leave the body of the dead human – for whatever reason.



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  1. wow vampires that hop *rotfl*

  2. Isn’t is maybe a cannibalic kangaroo ?

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