Johnny Depp says the Chupacabra attacked him!

A chupacabra attacked Johnny Depp? 

Johnny Depp was expected at a Japanese press conference earlier in the week, however to the disappointment of everyone he missed it. He had been recovering from being sick, however that’s not why he told reporters he missed the meeting.

His reason for missing it? He says it wasn’t because he was sick (although he was) and he didn’t forget – he was detained because he was in a battle with none other than the fearsome chupacabra!  Now, what would a chupacabra be doing in Tokyo with Johnny Depp?  Depp said he thinks the chupacabra slipped into his suitcase, it then attacked him, and they had a huge fight before he eventually threw it off the building.

Sadly, the truth is there was no chupacabra, Johnny just had a cold. 🙁  But it was a good excuse none-the-less!  Chupacabras often come up when talking about werewolves – and Depp was supposed to film the Lone Ranger with werewolves (before they changed the movie concept) – maybe that’s why the chupacabra came to his mind so easily. 😉





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