King John of England a Werewolf?

A monarch – an actual king of England – a werewolf?  After he died, King John of England became a werewolf (or at least that’s what the rumors say).

King John (aka “Bad King John”) was King of England over 800 years ago –  from 1167 – 1216.  The name should sound familiar to many as he was one of the most famous villains in literature – the evil king that Robin Hood rallied against.  Much less known however are the werewolf rumors that haunted him after his death.  It has been cited by some that King John was actually rumored to have been a werewolf.   Some think that part of what started the rumors that he was a werewolf were that many people saw him as evil, and one of the creatures humans thought of as very evil at the time were werewolves.  The idea that “Bad King John” was a werewolf was therefore very easy to spread.  Others however, believe that there is some truth to the rumors, citing the following reports as evidence:  they say that after the King’s death, people heard sounds coming from his grave;  other people also claimed they actually saw him roaming the countryside after he was dead.  It is interesting that he was rumored to be a werewolf and not a vampire. Today typically, post-death tomb noises and dead-bodies-rising-from-the-grave stories are related to vampires.  In ancient folklore however, some werewolves were attributed with some of these characteristics.

King John of England a Werewolf?

King John of England a Werewolf?

So, did Robin Hood fight a werewolf?

Well, the odd thing about the reports about King John being a werewolf is that the King was only rumored to have been a werewolf after he died.  If he was indeed a werewolf, then why didn’t these rumors haunt him during life? The fact that the stories started to spread after his death leads me to believe that the rumors did indeed actually start as a way to scare people (perhaps by his enemies), and that he was not in fact actually a werewolf either before or after his death.



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17 Responses

  1. Dynomutt says:

    I agree; I think it was just a “scary bed-time story” made up after his death to make the idea of his wickedness even more prevalent.

  2. Judy Bradley says:

    I hope not as my family is descended from him! Of course that might explain a couple of my sons being so hairy!! LOL How can people believe this stuff!?!

  3. @Judy Bradley: you tell us. are you not the one who found this website? you obviously had some sort of interest in werewolves, otherwise this site never would have become a mere idea to you.

  4. Lunar says:

    Why do people against the idea of werewolves existing even bother posting on this site?

  5. You can’t just go on a site and call somebody stupid.Lunar could sue your backside of for that.

  6. Lunar says:

    I’m stupid? Hmmm.. That post was in November and you post a response to me in May of the following year, taking a cheap shot at someone you didn’t think would see it again. It’s really sad that you think it’s cool to sit behind the all mighty power of your keyboard where you THINK you are out of reach and fire off whatever crosses your tiny mind believing there are no reprocussions. Last I checked, I left the playground behind me. You should too.. the children would like their sandbox back.

    @Velix Hollow: Sue? Eh.. no thanks. Not my style, but thanks for responding to him when I was unable to all the same.

  7. Rebecca says:

    The story also said he was dead when buried and in myth it says Werewolves were living creatures and not the undead. Sometimes vampire and werewolf stories become very mixed up. As in this tale is a man who should most likely be a vampire and not werewolf.

  8. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    @Lunar: i also agree

  9. she wolf says:

    “It’s really easier to spread a myth than the truth”
    -she wolf-

  10. l says:

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  11. i says:

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  1. November 28, 2010

    […] King John of England however was really rumored to have become a werewolf after he died, not just have an odd medical condition… […]

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