kitsuneOne of the most famous shapeshifters in Japanese legend is the Kitsune. The kitsune is a fox, that, as he or she ages, will take on special abilities, including shapeshifting.

Legend says that the kitsune can shapeshift into human form when they have advanced to somewhere between the age of 50 and 100 years old.  The transformation process of the kitsune is quite different from the werewolf’s transformation process in that they can actually shapeshift into the physical appearance of whomever they want! Most typically however they tend to choose beautiful women to transform into.

While many kitsune only have one tail, it is said that some can have multiple tails – anywhere from one to nine tails in fact. Legends on why this is so vary.  Some say that the kitsune grows a tail every hundred years.  Regardless of the reason for the number of tails, the important thing to remember is that multiple tails implies more wisdom, more skill, and more importance.  A nine-tailed kitsune is incredibly special, and this is also reflected in the fact that its fur will become gold, silver, or white.

How can you tell you’ve met a kitsune in human form?

  • they might still have a tail when in human form (thought not always)
  • in human form their faces might still appear slightly “foxish” in appearance (hence the term fox-faced!)
  • when in human form, their reflections or shadows might still resemble a fox

What is a kitsune like?

  • incredibly intelligent
  • faithful
  • likes to play pranks / mischievous
  • can drain a person’s energy or life from them
  • can use their tails to “hypnotize” humans with a kind of mind control
  • can use their tails to produce fire or lightening
  • can create “illusions” that appear to be real




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35 Responses

  1. Foxfire is green and it glows it looks like a ball of lightning lit on fire and is very slow it stings I was shot with a bit of the stuff apon scaring the 2 kitsune.

  2. And they’re not foxes I was referring to the appearance which is black with orange tipped tails.

  3. Mvbærqfiœrg says:

    @Elderwerewolf777: I have seven tails. I have come to realize that foxfire is a sort of plasma, and I can not yet form it as a visible “flame” but I can cloak my hands and feet in it. So far I have not managed to create any illusions, other than auditory illusions and creating small things like a fire. I can outsmart humans very easily. I would probably be able to use the full extent of my abilities if I were not trapped in this body, and finally, my soul(my name here, pronounced miv bay arc voir) is “woken up” if I get annoyed enough, resulting in me rampaging and temporarily using the full extent of my abilities to get rid of the annoyance. I am quite insane really, It is just an illusion that fools everyone around me that I am sane, as I can go from peaceful to homicidal with the slightest provokation, I am not bipolar, just very much insane. My Dutch accent(I am part dutch -related to Montague John Druitt, a Jack The Ripper suspect-, african american, snd irish. But dutch is more prominent) is always much more prominent and I start curling my hands and clicking my fingernails together as if they were claws that I am going to rip something appart with, when I am annoyed.

  4. Mvbærqfiœrg says:

    @Elderwerewolf777: sorry about the long reply, it is difficult to tell how much you have typed in the mobile site’s comment box.

  5. Yea it is. Also I can calm your mood if you like but it will waste my energy if I do it through a computer.

  6. Never mind I thoughthought you said you were going insane

  7. My species is from Ireland.

  8. Marney says:

    I could be a Kitsune myself. More then one Kitsune feels it so i may just go with it. If so I have only 5 tails. One Kitsune thinks i may be Void because of how the sun ect effects me. But lol my husband feels that does not sound like me. Though this kitsune also said Wind or Air Kitsune are often viewed as evil? is this true? Air is my strongest element.

    • Kuro says:

      its what you do with your power…you arent evil unless you feel like you are…evil is a title for bad people…not air users…perhaps only air users at the time were seen as bad because the only ones documented that used air were…

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