kitsuneOne of the most famous shapeshifters in Japanese legend is the Kitsune. The kitsune is a fox, that, as he or she ages, will take on special abilities, including shapeshifting.

Legend says that the kitsune can shapeshift into human form when they have advanced to somewhere between the age of 50 and 100 years old.  The transformation process of the kitsune is quite different from the werewolf’s transformation process in that they can actually shapeshift into the physical appearance of whomever they want! Most typically however they tend to choose beautiful women to transform into.

While many kitsune only have one tail, it is said that some can have multiple tails – anywhere from one to nine tails in fact. Legends on why this is so vary.  Some say that the kitsune grows a tail every hundred years.  Regardless of the reason for the number of tails, the important thing to remember is that multiple tails implies more wisdom, more skill, and more importance.  A nine-tailed kitsune is incredibly special, and this is also reflected in the fact that its fur will become gold, silver, or white.

How can you tell you’ve met a kitsune in human form?

  • they might still have a tail when in human form (thought not always)
  • in human form their faces might still appear slightly “foxish” in appearance (hence the term fox-faced!)
  • when in human form, their reflections or shadows might still resemble a fox

What is a kitsune like?

  • incredibly intelligent
  • faithful
  • likes to play pranks / mischievous
  • can drain a person’s energy or life from them
  • can use their tails to “hypnotize” humans with a kind of mind control
  • can use their tails to produce fire or lightening
  • can create “illusions” that appear to be real




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35 Responses

  1. Mvbærqfiorg says:

    Thank you buddy. I was wandering when you would start finding information on us.

  2. Attel says:

    What about me 🙁 am I not good enough ( jk )

  3. wolfie says:

    Kool info on shapeshifters

  4. Mvbærqfiorg says:

    The minor thing missing here is the “lightning or fire” is a sort of plasma(as in liquid lightning), was only refered to as lightning or fire due to plasma not being a known state of matter at the time, and is called kitsūne-bi(fox fire) hi=fire, but kitsūne-bi is easier to pronounce than kitsūne-hi. Kitsūne is pronounced as key-tzoo-nay where tz is pronounced like zz in “pizza”.

  5. Mvbærqfiorg says:

    We are also tend to be a little power mad/egotistic if we have five tails or more. I have eight but I am saying a lot of things that an egotistic person would never say, such as admitting that I am relatively weak, despite having sealed away Jack The Ripper. We can also completely drain the life from everything around us, if we can not absorb any energy from the elements, auras, or souls, but that rarely happens unless the kitsūne is young or careless. Kitsūne-bi is produced as a reflex if someone tries to attack a sleeping kitsūne, but can be created at any time by a kitsūne with three tails or more, I usually just place my hands together so the combined shape resembles a star, and focus to cloak my arms and legs for added power with my punches, pressure point jabs, and kicks. Kitsūne-bi is invisible, unless the kitsūne wants it to be visible, in which case it can be made into any colour and/or shape imaginable.

  6. Mvbærqfiorg says:

    Pressure point jabs are what the name suggests, a two finger jab for striking pressure points, to disable the arms, legs, and even stop the heart or lungs if necessary. To strike a pressure point, press your index and middle fingers tightly together, and strike the desired pressure point with about 3-7lb of force. The preffered pressure points to strike are the inner elbow, center of the kneecap(there is an unprotected space there), inner knee, and the two hollow areas on top of the wrist. Those pressure points will disable the entire arm, and most of the leg. If you want to kill someone, think the second to last scene in Kill Bill(five point exploding heart technique), as those are in fact the locations to strike to cause a heart attack.

  7. Attel says:

    @Mvbærqfiorg: The body you are in is 16 right

  8. Mvbærqfiorg says:

    @Attel: yes, this april.

  9. Mvbærqfiorg says:

    This april

  10. she wolf says:

    Kitsunes also tend to be tricky too. They can seduce men by transforming themselves on beautiful women which they play a trick on it or somes can kill. Thats the information you didn’t post it dude.

  11. she wolf says:

    Kitsunes also tend to be tricky too. They can seduce men by transforming themselves on beautiful women which they play a trick on it or sometimes can kill. Thats the information you didn’t post it dude.

  12. Attel says:

    🙂 I know a soul that knows you then

  13. Spawnwolf says:

    I do love the smell of foxes ^^

  14. Mvbærqfiœrg says:

    We also tend to lie alot when we do not trust someone, or have not met them in person. For example, in the chat I said my hosii no tama is a glass drop which was a lie, as I would never reveal what it looks like, I do however keep it on me at all times. The glass drops are for capturing and absorbing auras.

  15. no supernatural has that kind of power I have met a kitsune.

  16. REAL kitsune are foxes with 2-9 tails depending on the age and experience they can become a human, also they have telepathy. kitsune are a powerful supernatural

  17. Mvbærqfiœrg says:

    @elderwerewolf777: reffering to any non human as “supernatural”, combined with your speech pattern and aura, makes me think that you may just be an otherkin, hoping that they are not found to be human by a real “supernatural”. It annoys me when otherkin just spout off random nonsensical things about auras, magic, and the astral plane.

  18. Well I mean humans are the link between supernatural and natural so to dumb it down they are half and half. Also I don’t really have the otherkin speech pattern. I mean otherkin are lazy with their grammar and spelling. They tend to reveal everything about their social life and they are to layed back for me. With otherkin it’s forgive and forget. They also tend to be a little curious and funny. I am the exact opposite of them. And they are not as bold as I am.

    A kitsune is a nice person (Fox spirit.) I know a few of them. I saved they’re lives. They asked me how they could repay me. Now I am not the curious type (stated above) but I love to hear about other creatures.
    That gives them a reason to trust me.

    And you did describe the personality of a kits right. Perhaps you may be a very strong one but you just don’t know you’re power. Also a kits may be trapped in a body of a human by accident but this is rare.

    Also humans are a link because of the intelligence and thumbs plus the ability of speech. Not to mention the ability to perform witchcraft and wicca/sorcery.

  19. And aliens and cryptids are not supernatural neither are animals.

  20. william says:

    Dude I am in the chat…can you answer my questions before I go to sleep

  21. Animals can preform aura “energy magic”however the goal of animals is to be natural. And so was man’s however man thought otherwise. So now you know why I call certain beings supernaturals.

  22. I will list all of the powers of a kitsune.


    Spirit fire AKA foxfire a unique power which can harm any supernatural even ghosts and paraphysical beings but it is very weak.

    Stealth abilities can become slightly invisible but movement is noticeable can’t use foxfire.

    Illusion can cause illusions such as cloning however this is often recognized as kitsune are famed for this ability.

    Human form can turn themselves human at will but have a foxes reflection and their tails in the shadow.

  23. With every ability they have a drawback. Hence my quote “no supernatural has that kind of power.”

  24. With every ability they have a drawback. Hence my quote “no supernatural has that kind of power.”

    I know what I’m talkin about.

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