Largest Werewolf Race – world record attempt

Werewolves are on the run in England!

The event is called the Chevin Chiller Night of the Wolf, and it is an organized 5-10K run where participants (aka runners) are being encouraged to dress up as werewolves!  This is all in an attempt to make a new world record for the Largest Werewolf Race!

To appeal to werewolves everywhere, the race will be held outdoors at night down a dark spooky path through the forest!  Whether you’ll be running as a werewolf, or running scared away from the werewolves, is up to you. 😉

The race will be held at Otley Chevin Forest Park in the United Kingdom and will be on Saturday February 28, 2015 at 7pm; entries can be made online at Chevin Chiller.  Dressing up as a werewolf is optional, however if you do, you’ll be photographed against the “wolf wall”  and be entered as part of the Guinness World Record attempt. In addition, there will be a Best In Show for the best werewolf costume.




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