Last full Moon of 2014 tonight!

The last full moon of 2014 is here! December 6, 2014 marks the end of the full moons for the year! It actually occurred at 7:27am (Eastern Standard Time), however you should still feel a strong pull from it tonight, and if you look up at the stars, you’ll still get a good look of it if there aren’t any clouds!

This month’s full moon is called the Cold Moon – named after the cold, dark winter if falls in. December’s moon has also been called other things…for example, in Native American history, it’s also sometimes called the Long Nights Moon because during winter the months are of course long – hence the name. Yet another name for it is the Oak Moon – named after the strong, sturdy, powerful oak which makes it through the toughest winters.

There is nothing quite like a full moon on  a cold December night…be sure not to miss this one – it’s you last chance in 2014!



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