Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

One more day until halloween!! If you are going to get dressed up and still don’t have any idea what you want to be, here are a few last minute halloween costume ideas!  Of course it is a given that you can be a werewolf or vampire for halloween, but if you want to be something that it is twist on the werewolf  or vampire theme and you still don’t know what it is, here are some costume ideas to get you started.  Hurry! Don’t wait until the last minute – there’s only one day left until halloween!

  1. Vampire Hunter 
    • You can go all out and dress like Van Helsing, or you can do something a little more like Corey Feldman in the movie the Lost Boys (red bandana tied around the head and cammo shirt).  Either way, be sure that you’re carrying a vampire killing kit!
  2. Werewolf (or Vampire) Victim
    • This is a pretty easy halloween costume – all  you’ll need to do is get some old clothes and tear scratches and slashes into them and then add fake blood and wounds to the appropriate places (for a vampire victim, maybe some blood pinpricks on the neck, for a werewolf victim, a big bitemark!)
  3. Priest Warrior (that fights vampires / werewolves)
    • If you’ve seen the movie priest with Paul Bettany you have an idea of what this halloween costume should be.  Dress in black, carry plenty of crosses and a fake dagger around your waist!
  4. Werewolf in Human Form (or a Werewolf pack if you have a bunch of people)
    • You can do this Jacob Black style with just shorts and no shirt and maybe a tattoo on your arm, or you can do it wolfman style with messed up hair, dirt on your face, and torn jeans and shirt.  Don’t forget the fake blood on the front of the shirt!
  5. Boy Who Cried Werewolf
    • This is a pretty simple costume, you just dress up like a kid – in jeans and jacket and sneakers. The rest of the costume is about attitude.  Your whole attitude needs to be one that is obsessed with monsters – everything you say or do should be about a monster!
  6. Your Favorite Werewolf Movie
    • No, I didn’t say a character in a werewolf movie, I said you should be the werewolf movie itself!  This is a very simple costume, ideal for the last minute situation – all you need is a werewolf movie poster!  Glue or tape the werewolf movie poster onto a cardboard the exact size that it is.  Now, you will want to wear this cardboard on the front of your body by drilling holes in the cardboard and getting a cord to tie in the holes so that it hangs around your neck and on the front of your body! Dress the rest of your body in black so that the main focus is the movie poster!
  7. Full Moon
    • You can do this by either having a moon mask for just your face, or creating a full-body moon costume out of paper mache!
  8. Wolf
    • The wolf halloween costume can quickly become very complex. To keep it simple, focus on the face.  Sometimes all you need is just a wolf face mask!
  9. Woodsman
    • Every ancient werewolf legend seems to have a woodsman of some sort in it.  To be a woodsman you’ll just need a pair of overalls, plaid shirt, some boots, a beanie, and a fake ax.
  10. Little Red Riding Hood
    • It’s quite possible that the wolf in little red riding hood was a werewolf! This halloween costume is a classic and very easy to make yourself – once you have a red cape everyone will know who you are!


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