learn to draw a werewolf!

Need something to do today? Why not learn to draw a werewolf!

Drawing a werewolf can be very difficult – getting the right proportions and the right ratio of werewolf to human in your drawing can be difficult. Do you draw them in their human state? Werewolf state? Something in between? Most traditional drawings will show them in their werewolf state, and often they’ll depict them howling. Another common theme is to draw them in front of a full moon – often in shadow.

When drawing a werewolf, there are a few things to keep in mind:
1. Be creative – sure traditional werewolf pictures are fun, but we’ve seen them before! Don’t be afraid to put your subject in a different situation give him a different look.

2. You don’t have to do a whole scene, sometimes the main character is enough – especially if it’s a werewolf!

3. It’s OK to take inspiration from others but be sure to make the character your own! Not all werewolves are the same, and neither are all drawings – so don’t be afraid to be different! Be sure yours reflects your beliefs, ideas, and personality.

4. Have fun! Don’t be too focused on trying to get it perfect! The more fun your drawing is to make, the better it will come out!

Here’s a fun video of someone drawing a werewolf – the head is a little small, but it is a fun drawing and might give you some ideas!



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