Werewolves have a different perception of what is right and what is wrong than that of the humans perception of the world.

Werewolves have a totally different view of the same world that the humans inhabit. Many things that are natural or normal for humans to view and or feel of the world are unnatural for the werewolf. So this would mean that the werewolf would have to have a different perception of many of these things.

For example, some things that are perceived as “painful” to humans might not be as painful to the werewolf. Some things that are “sad” to humans may actually not be that sad to the werewolf. This does not mean that the werewolf is “desensitized” of certain situations, rather it means that the werewolf perceives the world differently than the humans do.

Also, in general the werewolf is more optimistic about life. The werewolf seeks opportunities and takes advantage of them when they arise. The werewolf also works exceedingly hard to create opportunities to take advantage of, unlike many humans who must break it down before it gets built back up. The werewolf does not intetntionaly “break things down,” this is a naturally reaccuring cycle for the wolf so he or she learns that, for the most part, breaking down is not the best way to go. And so the werewolf learns from his or her mistakes and will listen to the advice of thers along the way.

The werewolf relies heavily on peer influence and motivation. Most of the time the negative feedback others have to offer will be discarded and only the positive feedback will be fostered and used. This is a strong ability that the werewolf created from his or her transformations; they are learning experiences, to listen and learn only from the good advice…



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8 Responses

  1. the werewolf has alot of weight on his/her shoulders…

  2. Värlôc says:

    Which is where meditation comes in. (Sorry I haven’t been on as often I should be.) Don’t get me wrong, meditation isn’t ALWAYS the answer, but it DOES help take the crushing mental weight of the world off. I do it, and so do my followers. (It is law for my pack to participate in meditation and meditate together every once in a while.)

  3. Weight on the shoulders can be brushed off if one allows themselves too. It may seem like we have a lot of weight on our shoulders but in truth it doesn’t matter.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Gr8 more werewolves but i don’t care 😀 it is true werewolves Would have a GIANT perception of the world but sense im not one i can not see or feel what it would feel like but above me the werewolves have done that so it was pointless for me to reply but i guess thats what you guys think about Humans and me Stuiped and dum kindive hurts me but your werewolves and im just me D:

  5. Jo=me(hates Astinah) says:

    well said. ^^

  6. Jeremy says:

    :O you werewolves are mean :O :O

  7. Argharna Welyn says:

    i think im a wolf therian because a grey wolf stoped pacing and blinked at me when i was at spring water park for a bbq on tuesday may 29th

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