Lego Werewolves

werewolf legosYes, there are werewolf legos!! The werewolf lego minifigures come in a few different styles to choose from including one that looks somewhat similar to Michael Jackson in Thriller and another werewolf lego that takes its inspiration from the Harry Potter series. And if you can’t decide – you can get a whole set of werewolf minifigures monsters!

legos werewolves
For those of you who have never had legos, the minifigures are pretty cool. Their arms, hands, head, torso, legs, and hips move and rotate. And here’s a fun fact for those of you who have had them before – “modern” lego minifigures have been around for more than thirty years! They were first released in 1978.

More Lego Trivia!

michael jackson thriller werewolf

Does this lego ook a little like Michael Jackson to you?

1. A carpenter started the lego company started waaayyy back in 1932!
2. Lego comes from two Danish words – LEg and GOdt which mean play well!
3. There is a hole in the top of the heads of the new minifigures so that if they get caught in a child’s throat the child can still breathe!
4. Many popular movies/series have licensed legos including Batman, Spider Man, and Harry Potter.
5. The plural of lego bricks is NOT Legos!! The company says that the word “lego” is simply and adjective and should be used in partner with another word, as in these phrases: “lego bricks” and “lego products”

legos werewolf series



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5 Responses

  1. legoR3C2 says:

    i have the first lego picture werewolf but what do you mean whole set of monsters

  2. Holy crap! Where can I get me some!

  3. legoR3C2 says:

    @Jason McKinney: to be sure that you do get them go online and search for them

  4. Those are super cool!

  5. manalmighty says:

    hey hey hey

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