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Don’t wait for stuff to happen I think a lot of people and werewolves wait for things to happen in their life. Taking advantage of the days is pretty important but actually doing it is harder.

How to take advantage of time is difficult to accomplish, but self control is very important. I think people who have the ability to seize moments can be more productive and go further in life, whether you are human or werewolf. It’s good to be a dreamer but sometimes dreams only get you so far. There comes a point when all you do is dream and never take actions on those dream. Some are meant to be just that -dreams, and there is nothing wrong with that. But there comes a time when some of those dreams are your real life goals and yet you-we do nothing to try to reach them. We sometimes want to play things off as dreams that we are really considering real life goals but we lie to ourselves.

We don’t lie to ourselves on purpose- everybody does it, we lie to ourselves to protect ourselves from a possible failure. Failure is sometimes good though, it’s what gets us pointed in the right direction, it can make us more determined to work towards our goals. Failure can drive us to learn new things and discover the things we are actually good at. Many find that you can’t succeed without first failing.
What I think we should do is rethink what we believe to be our dreams and decide whether or not those dreams are actually our real life goals. If those are just dreams then let them be… You will find though that some of these will be what you thought to be just dreams but are actually places we want to go with our life. Whether it be learning a new language to explore another country or making yourself more friends so that you can share your life moments with other people who love you. Some of us think we don’t need other people in our life, that we can do it on our own. For those who have not already discovered (and many werewolves esp.) already have, becoming part of a group or pack is a life changing, altering, and enhancing feeling.



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  1. Live your lives as it is. Everything that happens is meant.

  2. Värlôc says:

    Life is often mistaken as a short period of time in which we reside on this place called Gaia. That isn’t life.

    Life is much more.

    Life is a time to have fun and make mistakes. You make the choices in your life. It’s true that some things happen in a way because they are meant to happen that way, but don’t rely on fate to run your life.

    Don’t waste your life, either. It’s precious, and so is the time we put into it. Be careful what decisions you choose to make because most of the time, you can get a refund on life…or the things you do, for that matter.

    Love is as important in life as water is to our bodies. Love has many meanings, from the love of your family to the love of your soul mate. Love is of support, confidence, and caring.

    The last thing I wish to reflect on about life is about dreaming. Be all you can be. Never give up on reaching your goal, because if you do, what’s the point of living anymore? Remember that no matter how bad things get, someone will be there to support you.

    Take what I say to heart because it’s true. Life is what you make it.

  3. Arisu wolfrunner says:

    We better be careful.I’ve been on this site called 43things and some people on there are saying that the govern ment is craking down on shifters these are some comments:

    that is true so the goverement could probely take you to look for new super soldiers but if i ever did it i would upload it on the internet even if theres a risk of dying to prove that its possible

    Well since the gov would probably take it down before 5 people could see it even…

    I think they already know about this stuff… a friend of mine was a military insider and she said you’d be surprised what the public dosent know
    The fact that they have satellites that can tell you what page and what sentence you are on in a book while you are standing in the middle of the desert kinda opens up the possibilities.

    yeah for all we know the gov could be experimenting on shifters and killing our kind as we speak!

    my brother was in the army for a number of time and work with delta teams he told me not to trust anyone and ever time you go into a store the goverment is watching you whatever someone does there being watch so if there are people who can p shit they could be killed by the goverment or taken for reascher becuse he told me to drop the task of trying to become one he told me to stop looking for a way to become a werewolf

    But everything you just said was what my friend told me… and yeah it is a very common occurance for people to be snatched up by the gov for any reason

    So We Must Be Careful And Secretive.(even though I know that we already are)

  4. me says:

    pretty scary… the government is really getting serious about this stuff.

  5. jo says:

    life is really difficult and can be very troublesome. I too believe that dreams can come true if you put your effort into it(everyone can even me but i wouldn’t so i decided to help other people by making them do thier dreams along with my own, making everyone happy.)

  6. lonewolfArizel says:

    goverment allredy did a program with werewolf the called it nextits named for
    after there frist test falled bad.
    they did it again with more than the other test subjects and it turned out for
    the worster than the frist test ever thing went well for the frist few years than every one with inthe testing ground would no longer take odders from them.
    that when the gave 2 sargents to take there regments in to the woods to take down there enemys.
    the said the would on one and onley thing the and there fellow were eo be set free.
    they gave there words on the deal.
    unknow to them ther were lead to a salughter the 2 team were dressed in un normal clothing so they sarted killing each other.
    untill they found out who the were then there were onley twenty left.
    making the foundation the call them selfs the forgoten.
    great killers that will show no mercy to even there own.
    and as the were trained they teach there children to be killer like they are.

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