Lone Ranger could have used a few good werewolves!

The original concept for the Lone Ranger movie was supposed to have included werewolves…but somewhere along the way, that got changed. 🙁  It was good without the werewolves (don’t believe all the bad hype the critics are giving it)…but, it would have been better with werewolves!

Watching the movie, you almost even feel like a werewolf or two may make an appearance as there are a number or pieces which would fit in easily with a great werewolf movie.

1. the Wendigo – In the movie, Tonto tells the Lone Ranger that he is the last Wendigo Hunter, and has been hunting for one specific Wendigo for many, many years.  He describes the wendigo as an evil spirit that has taken the body of a human.  A spirit that can not be killed by any normal means….a creature that will need a very special bullet…

2.  The Silver Bullet – Which brings us to the next interesting part of the movie… Tonto gives the Lone Ranger a silver bullet, and tells him that no normal bullet can be used to kill the “wendigo” they hunt, but rather he must use a silver bullet!  The Lone Ranger carries the lone silver bullet with him, ready to use it when the time is right.

(In the original Lone Ranger mythology, the Lone Ranger does use Silver Bullets, but for an entirely different reason.)

3.  Carnivorous Bunnies – In one scene, Tonto and the Lone Ranger are cooking over a campfire.  Tonto is turning what looks like a roasted, toasted up rabbit on a spit.  Smelling the meat in the air, first one, then dozens more, hungry pleasant looking bunnies start to gather around Tonto and the Lone Ranger watching them talk.  Tonto tears off a piece of meat from the roast, and tosses it to the bunnies.  Suddenly, the bunnies bare vicious-looking fangs and tear the meat to shreds, devouring it within seconds.



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  1. Jennifer says:

    Which production year is the movie from?

  2. Jael says:

    … I’ve used the “Prithee, What Nowe, Bytches?” thing before here in the cmetmnos. I just love the idea of George Washington actually saying that to a bunch of Hessians on Christmas Eve. It would have made history that much more awesome.Doesn’t matter. History is a lie-by-consensus we tell ourselves, anyway.I’m going to make it true, regardless. If some thuggish Big Bro can do it, so can I.

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