Lone Ranger ground crew says no werewolves in movie?

Werewolves were one of the original ideas to be in the new movie the Lone Ranger….! I’ve known this for a while, but didn’t really know if they had decided to put them in the movie or not… So last week, there we were in New Mexico camping and we’re leaving our campsite and came upon a “Special Event” that had the roads staked out by people in road construction crew vests…so we ask one of the workers what was going on, and he said they were filming the Lone Ranger farther down the road and that he was part of the ground crew!  Of course, we asked the ground crew person  whether or not there would be werewolves in the movie!

Here is how the conversation went…

Ground Crew:  We’re filming the Lone Ranger.  The rig is a bit down the road.

Werewolf967:  Really! Will there be werewolves in the movie?

Ground Crew:  Werewolves?

Werewolf967:  Yeah, werewolves! That was in the original concept for the movie…

Ground Crew:  You mean, like, real werewolves?

Werewolf967:  Yeah, you know, werewolves!

Ground Crew:  Really? Uh…no, I never heard that they were ever going to be in the movie…there are no werewolves in the movie.

How could someone so closely associated with the movie have no idea that werewolves were supposed to be in it originally?! So disappointing.  Apparently werewolves were pulled from the movie because of how much it was going to cost them – estimates with werewolves in the picture had the movie at a budget of around $250 million!  In my humble opinion, despite the cost, they should have stuck with the idea!

After getting over our shock at the lack of shapeshifters in the movie, we continued on down the road and saw Johnny Depp standing on top of a rig in the middle of a scene dressed as Tonto (no sign of the Lone Ranger himself).  And alas, there was not a werewolf in site.  You know what is funny though? The production company  is called Silver Bullet Productions!!
Coincidence? I think not!




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