Looking for Werewolves? Full Moon Tonight!

Tonight is the third to last full moon of the year.  For those of you interested in finding a werewolf, tonight is the night to get out there and look!

Newer werewolves who do not yet have the ability to transform usually tranform when the moon is full, which is tonight! Werewolves are especially likely to go on the prowl and attack tonight.  With so much urban area, it is becoming increasingly hard to spot what might be a werewolf attack…it just all blends in with urban crazyiness.  For those of you who live in more of a country area however, you have a better chance at spotting a werewolf, or identifying a werewolf attack.

But for everyone searching for werewolves regardless of where you live, be vigilant for things out of the ordinary.  Dogs barking at the woods.  Distant howling (especially in urban areas).  Animals that are spooked for seemingly no reason.  Also, pay attention to your own 6th sense.  If you feel the hairs rise on the back of your neck, or see something moving out of the corner of your eye when you’re outside – these too can be clues that there is something lurking around watching you.  Werewolves do not want you to see them until they are ready to be seen, so pay careful attention to everything around you, especially tonight while the moon is full.



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468 Responses

  1. Jarlath says:

    so why research us?

  2. Hachina says:

    I love you, brother. I wish you the best of luck and blessings, hehe. 😛

  3. BlackWolf says:

    Im 16 and i am one and i feel it because its a part of me im really just looking for guidance not research i worded it wrong

  4. me says:

    even though i am human and not apart of this… i still know what he means and i liked it. and it is so true that this wordings came from a clear mind and pure heart. ^^ best wishes.(ehhe )

  5. Darlath says:

    Wonderful my brother, i love you nice to have you back in one piece and with clear mind and heart 🙂

  6. furyanwolf13 says:

    hello. are there any shape-shifting werewolves that live in ohio?

  7. furyanwolf13 says:

    my bf is a lycan and i’m just a human. i’m trying to find a shape-shifting werewolf before monday cuz i’m leaving ohio to live with my bf

  8. furyanwolf13 says:

    ……..is anyone here?

  9. Champion of Hell says:


  10. furyanwolf13 says:

    are you two shape shifting werewolves?

  11. furyanwolf13 says:

    i’m trying to find a shape shifting werewolf that lives in ohio cuz i want to become one

  12. Aerehashi says:

    Wow… i needed that.

  13. furyanwolf13 says:

    so can someone help me on becoming a lycan?

  14. Kaelie says:

    that was very heart felt and for that brother i love u

  15. furyanwolf13 says:

    can someone please help me

  16. me says:

    hmmmm… looks like there ignoring you… i know they can but nah…. ^^

  17. llyon says:

    live well and die free brother, i feel this is the end of our hiding and the dawn of a new way of life for all of us.

  18. AlphaWolfAlyssa says:

    *Nods* llyon, well said.

  19. noob101 says:

    is anyone there?

  20. noob101 says:

    are there any packs i can join?

  21. dom says:

    hi all i myslef am a lycan and i have friends in new york that are lycans to and we all work for the light path and not the dark at first i was not sur who i was and then all the wrid stuff was happening to me i my firends told that i was one of them but more powerful and fast so i say do not think you are a lone because there are a lot of us out there

  22. alpha white werepire steven says:

    so ur a gud werewolf u will have a hard life if ur not atleast violent a lil we muct feed on humans u know this rit not just on deer or pigens

  23. Jarlath says:

    Wolves don’t feed on humans, only in the most extreme desperation

  24. noob101 says:

    um…… can i join one of ur packs? i’m alone where i am. theres no others.

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