Love spells that really work? A real spellbook was found!

spellbookIf you thought that spells were just a creation of modern times, think again.  A real spellbook containing spells including love spells as well as spells to rid yourself of demons has been found!

The ancient parchment book, looking like something from a fairy tale, has been made public, and is attracting alot of attention for the subject matter it covers- magic, power, and spells!

Specifically the 20 page book includes 27 spells including not only love spells, but spells for exorcisms, spells for business success, and treatments for black jaundice.

The 1,300 year old spellbook was written in an extinct Egyptian language called Coptic which was used in Egypt from approximately the 2nd to the 17th century.  The book, which is called the “Handbook of Ritual Power” is rumored to have been owned and used by what is said to be a “male ritual practitioner” which may just be a fancy way of saying a “warlock”; from there the book went to a Vienna antiques dealer, where it was then turned over in 1981 to Australia’s Macquarie University.  University researchers translated the book and published their findings, which are interesting not just because of the love, possessions, and evil which are covered, but more specifically because the book appears to be an authentic spellbook from ancient times – complete with specific procedures, diagrams, and incantations needed for powerful spells.  Interestingly, some spiritual beings are also referenced in the text including Jesus, Seth (3rd son of Adam and Eve), and Baktiotha (the text refers to Baktiotha as The great one, who is very trustworthy; the one who is lord over the forty and the nine kinds of serpents.)




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