Lunar New Year 2013

The lunar new year is actually very interesting to werewolves because the whole thing  – both new year and calendar it revolves around – center around the moon!!  In fact, the final celebrations are actually timed to take place during a full moon!

The Lunar New Year for 2013 falls on February 10.  This year will be the Year of the Snake.

What is the Lunar New Year?

The holiday is a celebration that comes after the second new moon after the winter solstice each year. It is based on a lunisolar calendar – a calendar that centers around moon phases and solar years! One month in the calendar is the equivalent of one lunar cycle.

Lunisolar calendars can be found in use by old Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Hindu, Bengali, Tibetan, Korean, and Hebrew calendars!  The Lunar New Year is also known in the United States as the Chinese New Year, and in China as the Spring Festival.  Today it is a huge, huge celebration, and is celebrated by many Asians including Chinese, Koreans, and Vietnamese.

There are 15 days of celebrations.

  • Day 1 of the New Year – New Moon – The celebrations are timed so that day one of celebrations occur on the new moon.
  • Day 2 – Day 14 – During the days in between the 1st and the 15th, there are a number of festivities and traditions dedicated to each day.  It is a time when relatives come together, there are delicious meals that are actually feasts, parades, and gifts of money are given to children.  Celebrations abound!  Everything is building up to the 15th and last day of celebrations which is the full moon!
  • Day 15 of the New Year – Full Moon – The 15th and final day of celebrations are timed so that they fall on the full moon. The celebrations on this day are called the “Lantern Festival” as people typically take to the street with lanterns.




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  1. Lunar elicpes all monster like vampire and aswang mañanagal enkanto will come out and kill and smelling blood and blood of human brothers and sister pls warning pls lock all doors and even all windows

    Calling all the monsters by paolo forteza the monster haunter

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