Lunatics linked to full moon behavior?

Crazy, odd, and extreme behavior during nights of the full moon is something that has been observed for a long time. For centuries humans have had awareness of the moon phases and the cycle of which it works around, and it was centuries ago that the word Lunatic was created!

Did you know that the word Lunatic is actually derived from the Greek prefix or root Luna-. Luna- actually refers literally to the moon, some people use the word Lunacy to refer to a “mental illness”… the –cy suffix of the word Luna– actually refers to the state of being. And so we have the definition of the word Lunatic:

Lunatic: “a mentallly ill person”

  • an extremely foolish or eccentric person
  • Is it a coincidence that the word Lunacy is derived from the moon? And that there is a legend that originated himself by transforming under the moonlight, and that these very same people who “make these claims” of transforming are said to be crazy or “lunatics” by the supposed “normal humans.”

    Well, Lunar behavior to many people is something of  concern, and even as recently as the 1980’s we can directly find video evidence of people observing weird and sometimes dangerous human activity during full lunar nights. The full moon human activity that was so prominent that a news story was reported about the human activity and how it relates to the moon.



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    1. Jacob mystic falls says:

      What you do not seem to understand is that the icon changes anytime you change your Internet Protocol. For all you know I might not be the real Jacob mystic falls. I could have just changed my I.P. and used the same user name to fool you.

    2. Jacob mystic falls says:

      I can no more control what it changes to then you can prove to me that you are not the real researcha.

    3. Jacob mystic falls says:

      He IS not the real researcha, I am.

    4. pklett92 says:

      werewolf967 uses a wold as default…

    5. pklett92 says:

      yes enlightened one Yes…Researcha is still a F U C K I N G T R O L L

    6. @pklett92: Still to come back here and see such ridiculousness is all the more entertaining.

    7. lee ann says:

      well this is interesting

    8. pklett92 says:

      omg are you making fun of me lol…I feel so insulted D:

    9. lee ann says:

      Didnt really expect after a day of planning funerals visiting my dad sister niece and nephew in the hospital watching my younger brother getting higher than life drinking red bull eating sugar and chillin with friends that id come on to this. Seriously, jacob, researcha WHATEVER your name is idrc WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE ME SO BADLY?! IM NOT THAT INTERESTING OF A PERSON!

    10. lee ann says:

      Note on how this Jacob kid or whatever the f_uck he calls himself dissapears as soon as the real lee shows up? Ya thats right d_ouche bag you better f_ucking run! You want to talk s_hit step right up and talk it to my face a_sshole!

    11. Sobus says:

      @lee ann: That’s because YOU ARE JACOB MYSTIC. Lee Ann he disappears when you show up because you are him using a different I.D.


    12. lee ann says:

      k so i tyoed out an entire paragraph vouching that i was me and not some creepy annoying college dude. But when I posted it deleted and my internet screwed up. So to heck with it im going to take that as a sign that this isnt worth it. idk why i care lots of people wish they were me plus my computer and phones getting taken away tonight anyway. Just to let you know I’ve been using the same I.D since I was eleven btw and Im now a highschool freshman. Also the only other I.D I ever used was under the name ‘Shadows’. And also people, it was kind of obvious that jacob was researcha. later haters.

    13. @Sobus: On the contrary you sound more like Re-searcha considering the fact that Re-searcha claimed to make one turn another hence lee ann. I can actually vouch for lee ann because I have known her for almost 3 years.

      But look at you, you are supposedly new. You have nothing that even seems logical to match this. You almost seem like Re-searcha, being so careless in trying to strategically pull off something that in many ways is amusing.

      You are on a website get over it.

      As for you lee ann who cares, don’t waste your breath on something so ridiculous.

    14. @Sobus: Let’s see here, hmm.. I talk to Lee everyday. We have a.. bond.. and she is DEFINATELY NOT Researcha or anyone else but herself. I also have known her for 3 years. All you newcomers thinking you know so much coming here and acting out is really starting to piss me off. I may start tracking again. Anyway, Brother you are very correct, this is the internet, lies can be spread, rumors portrayed, but only we know what is true.

      Although, it is becoming ever more apparent to me, that researcha is just a wolf in denial. That would explain the Jacob complex and the hateful attitude. As for you sobus, you really need to watch yourself around here, we don’t take to newcomers with bad attitudes very well.

    15. Lunar says:

      Wow. That was… not what I was expecting when I opened this up to read it. I was expecting comments on the topic.

    16. Selinath says:

      The thing that would’ve made this entire conversation even more hilarious is if it occured during a full moon. It would definitely account for the lunacy that went on. I found this very amusing and very tiring. Thank you all.

    17. me says:

      ehhe i only consider myself as a lunatic because i have been quite crazy about the moon but not by instict but because of that television thingy lol XD the games like that warcraft what do call them… oh nightelves really bugged me alot. so i had a belief of some shit of a goddess and making things up until the other was very strange i went out and sat on a wooden bed then looked at the moon and said fuck censored things that is a bit personal. and then then when i turned my back on it(on the moon) i heard something either it was just on my mind saying who are you? lol XD funny story right it took me just a while too make that up oh well. well never know grins*

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