Too bad I didn’t find this werewolf costume in time for halloween!!  I was surfing yesterday and found what i think might be the best homemade werewolf costume instructions I’ve found – and this werewolf looks fantastic!! It is a full body realistic costume which includes the werewolf maks, feet, and claws. It clearly took this person alot of time, and it looks like she’s quite skillful (and also an artist)…. but the instructions on what she did to make the costume are all there, and I think if you have a little artistic talent and a little imagination you can probably do something very similar with your costume.  Not only does she take you step by step through the homemade werewolf costume, but she includes pictures of the costume as she goes along well.  And the end result is a pretty scary looking werewolf!! Seriously, I’ve seen some werewolf movies where the werewolves weren’t as scary as the werewolf costume she made! If you want to be a werewolf next halloween, get started now on making this costume, you’ll be a huge hit for sure! Realistic werewolf instructions for costume can be found by doing a search on the instructables website.