Man digs up werewolf skull and claims will become one – real or hoax?

What would you do if you were in your backyard and dug up a werewolf skull that had been hidden away for centuries? What if you knew the curse for digging up this long-buried artifact was that now you too would become a werewolf? This is the dilemma that a man in a tiny village in Southeastern Europe says he faces…to be a werewolf or not to be…

The man, named Trayche Draganov, lives in a small village named Novo Selo in Macedonia. (For those unfamiliar with Macedonia, and trying to envision where it is – it’s bordered by the countries of Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, and Serbia).

He claims that he was farming his land and happened upon a chained box that had been long-buried. When he opened it, he was shocked to find a skull inside.  The skull however seemed rather odd as it appeared to be neither animal nor human, but rather a combination of the two…or more specifically, a combination of a wolf and human skull!

Based on the skull’s appearance, and local folklore which cites that werewolves can only be destroyed by performing an exorcison and decapitating them, it was quickly deduced that the skull was most likely was that of a decapitated werewolf.  It was further deduced, that now that Draganov has dug up the skull, he has unleashed the “werewolf curse” onto himself, and now, given time, he too will become a werewolf.

The farmer has taken a decidedly positive and optimistic view on being “cursed” to become a werewolf, claiming if that’s what his destiny is, then that’s what it is.  This blasé response has led many to the conclusion that the whole discovery is in fact a hoax, and the skull is not a true werewolf skull at all, but rather possibly a baboon skull that he himself buried.  Another possibility that has been posed is that the skull is that of a deformed wolf.

It is unlikely that the controversy that swirls around the true origins of the skull will ever be resolved, as even if incontrovertible evidence were to be provided, there would always be those who would claim that it couldn’t be real just for the mere fact that werewolves couldn’t be real.



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2 Responses

  1. I don’t need any negative comments or replies for this. But, are there (or were there any) wolves or baboons in the location of the founder of the skull, or any skulls in his home indicating it was a hoaks. Also I forget a lot to do things sometimes. So if I don’t reply thanks for any answers, and if no one replies at all, im ok with that.

  2. Marney says:

    it does look kind of like a baboon skull.

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