Marika Hackman Transforms into Werewolf in Animal Fear Music Video

Animal Fear is one of the most unusual werewolf music videos ever! The song (Animal Fear by Marika Hackman) starts out simple and pleasant but the lyrics and theme of the song belie the smooth almost calm notes of the music which are about resisting becoming a werewolf!!  The lyrics tell what teh singer is going through:

Feel my body trembling: fur and teeth
I won’t bite, oh did I speak too soon?
Treacherous night that admires the moon
And she calls my name, and I howl her tune
With the hunter slain by the clair of the moon
I was braced with my face to the skies
But I was not a heavenly child
A savage with a temperament wild

As you watch the music video, you’ll see the singer eventually start to become a werewolf – and if you don’t know it’s coming, it’s gloriously fun and entertaining to see the hair get longer, the ears get pointer, the fangs come out, and the blood spurt!  Although  why the werewolf hangs upside down during part of the video is strange and unexplained (the singer does after all transform into a werewolf, not a vampire!)

Here’s the music video for Animal Fear! Enjoy!



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