merry christmas to all and to all a good night!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Here’s a little something to think about courtesy of a question posed by loopeenWhat if Santa was bitten by a werewolf?  😉

Well , if a werewolf bit Santa it would be hard to say what would happen..would Santa turn into a werewolf?  And if he did since he has the ability to travel the entire world in one night, would Christmas soon be known as a night of terror?! Imagine a werewolf with ready and easy access to each and every house!  Pretty soon either the entire world would be turned themselves into werewolves, or the entire world would become werewolf bait.  🙂

merry christmasOr perhaps Santa, with his special powers is immune to the bite of a werewolf?  This seems slightly more possible since he does visit each house every Christmas and must be bothered by all sorts of dogs, cats, and other animals each and every Christmas.  With all this exposure, he must have developed some type of immunity over time! So, perhaps a werewolf bite would be nothing but a minor inconvenience for Santa!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!  🙂




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