Michael Myers Layouts for Myspace

Let’s take a break from werewolves, halloween costumes, and masks, and take a quick look at decorating your myspace page for halloween. Since it’s halloween what better myspace layout could you find than a Michael Myers layout!? (OK, better would be a wolf myspace layout, or werewolf myspace page, but let’s focus on Michael Myers layouts right now). There are some cool free Michael Myers myspace layouts here. The site let’s you change between myspace themes based on the Michael Myers Halloween movies and see how your myspace page would look with each halloween theme. Kind of neat. Alot of these free layouts are user-created layouts. Be careful when you select one of these free layouts to check how long it takes your page to load! I hate going to myspace pages that take 20 minutes for the page to come up.



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  1. I wish i had this before Halloween lol. Maybe next year.

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