Mono Grande of South America Sighting

In South America a mysterious creature supposedly lives called the Mono Grande.  The Mono Grande is described as being a “furry human like creature” – basically a gigantic creature that resembles a monkey or a hairy human. Stories sometimes claim that it is cannibalistic. Although the creature sounds something like King Kong, some theorize that it is actually a type of bigfoot or sasquatch or yeti. Others say it is simply a large monkey.

Documented reports of the Mono Grande

One of the first sightings of the Mono Grande (which mean Large Monkey in Spanish) was documented in 1533 by the Spanish Conquistador Pedro Cieza de Leon who on some of his travels in South America started hearing tales of the huge creature.  At that time the creature was being called marimondas or maribundas. Could the natives have been making stories up for the conquistador? Unlikely as tribal stories of the creature are again described in An Essay on the Natural History of Guiana by Edward Bancroft in 1769. In the 1800s German explorer Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander Freiherr von Humboldt also heard stories while in South America of this creature, this time it was called the Salvaje and the tales said that the creature captured women and ate human flesh!

Photograph taken of the Mono Grande – aka De Loys Ape

mono grandePerhaps however one of the most famous sightings of the creature came in 1920 when an actual photograph was taken by François de Loys.  De Loys was on an expedition searching for petrolium in South America. One night when he was camped next to the Tarra River in Columbia two huge hairy creatures approached his camp angrily. Fearing for their lives, the expedition party killed one of the creatures and the other ran off. The creature that they killed was 1.57 meters tall, or 5 feet 1 inches tall. They took multiple photographs but supposedly all but one was lost when their boat capsized. The photograph that remains shows the creature. They say at the time the photograph was taken, the creature was dead, and so they propped it into position for the camera on a crate.  They put a stick under it’s chin to hold it seated. The creature in the photograph was eventually called “De Loy’s Ape”.

What the critics say about the photograph
Most scientists and critics will not give any credence to the photograph or tales of the Mono Grande, and every critic has a take on why they will not. They do not question that the photograph is real – it undoubtedly is, but rather they question what is in the photograph.

Some scientists say that De Loys ape is nothing other than a spider monkey, pointing out that even though De Loy claimed the creature was 1.57 meters, you cannot clearly tell how big it is in the photograph, so it could just as easily have been a spider monkey (spider monkeys are approximately 1 meter tall).

Other critics say that the area in South America where the De Loy supposedly found the creature is not an area where the stories of the Mono Grande are told by the natives – so either this creature is out of its habitat, or it is a hoax – more likely a hoax.

Another claim is that the photograph shows the stump of a banana tree which is not native to the area in which de Loys was found – meaning that the photograph was not taken where he said it was!

Could the Mono Grande really Exist?
Even though there are many critics claiming that the “de Loys ape” photograph was simply a spider monkey, that does not erase the fact that creatures of a humanoid hairy cannibal do exist in regions of South America. The tales are told by tribes and natives and have been told for centuries. That much is true and not a hoax. Are their stories based in truth? Possibly. The jungles of South America could easily contain a creature the likes of which is described in their legends. It’s also interesting that the creature that they describe as the Mono Grande resembles creatures that have been sighted in other parts of the world – creatures like the yeti, sasquatch, big foot.

So what is the Mono Grande?  Some type of giant ape like King Kong?  A sasquatch or bigfoot?  A made up creature? Or a creature living in the South American jungle yet to be discovered?



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