Monster in the House – Part 2 – VOTE for what happens next!

The monster settled into the back of the closet where the darkness welcomed him like an old friend.

This was the perfect place to recover his strength.  With every second he could feel himself getting stronger.  Soon, very soon he would be able to leave the confines of the closet, and seek the humans he knew lived here.

Humans.    An evil smile spread across his face as he thought about them.  Aaaaaah Humans.

He loved the way they screamed when they saw him. He loved the smell vote you decideof fear that seeped through their thin flesh. Aaaaaahhh Humans. He smiled again.

A quiet thud brought the monster back to the present. He opened his eyes.
Yes, there it was again. Someone had arrived at the house.
The thud was followed by a quiet scuffling. Footsteps! A human!

The monster could barely resist the urge to open the closet door and make himself known. But he still had not recovered his full strength. He must wait. He must be cautious. The monster pushed open the door a small crack in order to get a better look. Someone walked by.

The desire to follow the human was too strong. He stepped out of the closet.

The human however had clearly not seen him. She walked out the front door of the house.

The monster smiled to himself and followed. When he reached the porch, he stopped, and watched. The human had walked towards the driveway and was getting things out of a car.

The monster stood on the porch silently. He had not expected to find a human so quickly. He took a deep breath. Aaaaah, the smell of human flessssh.

Suddenly, the human stopped and looked back at the porch where he stood.
“Who is that?” Her thin human voice traveled through the air, and he could sense a quiver of fear in it.

The monster stood still. He was still recovering his strength. He needed a little more time before he would be strong enough to attack. He knew from a distance he would look somewhat human, so he just stood there silently.

The human was craning her neck in his direction, but could not see him clearly.
“Stop playing around!” she said. He could sense the relief in her voice and knew she had mistaken him for someone that lived in the house. She turned back towards the car, pulling out the rest of her groceries.

The monster smiled to himself. Soooon, very sooon she would know fear like she had never known before. He stepped back into the house and waited for her to come inside.

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In less than a minute she opened the front door and came in. He followed her silently as she made her way to the kitchen. He was adept at blending in with the shadows. Humans would only know he was there if he wanted them to know.

The monster watched as she put some groceries away then filled a dog food bowl. A dog lived in the house. Those stubborn creatures, thinking they could protect their humans. He did not like dogs. Noisy creatures. He would deal with that later.

Suddenly the human turned and went out the back door. The monster silenty followed and stepped onto the back porch behind her. He could easily see the human in the darkness, a few feet away. She had called the dog to her and was petting it. He knew he did not have much time as the dog would soon sense him. Dogs. He hated those creatures.

The monster flexed its muscles. He could feel alot of its strength had returned.
It was time. He could wait no longer. At that same instant the dog realized he was standing there, and both dog and human looked in his direction. In the back of his mind he heard barking. It did not matter, the dog was no match for his power.

In a quick movement the monster had reached the human.

He saw her eyes widen in horror as she caught sight of him, and he could feel the pure terror in the air. The monster laughed in pleasure.

In one swift movement he grabbed the human’s neck. He could feel his claws digging into the soft tissue of her neck, cutting off her screams. With one arm he lifted the human into the air, his fingers tightened their grip.  He knew the human was fighting for her life, but he also knew that she had little hope.  He chuckled softly to himself and closed his fist even tighter around her neck….

What happens next?

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  • The victim has a flashback (64%, 7 Votes)
  • Suddenly a time portal opens (27%, 3 Votes)
  • A spell is cast / chanted (9%, 1 Votes)

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3 Responses

  1. werewolfdude123 says 'nvm' says:

    my version is: she has a fkashback of remembering this happend to every other genertion in her family, and there was only on way to kill it, so she kicked a powerful thrust kick in the head of the monster, she grabs a knife, cuts the monsters throte open, grabs a shotgun with poisend bullets and shoots the monster, knifes it again, burns the body, takes a shower and go back to bed.

  2. darkmoonman says:

    The victim has a flashback

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