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There was something different about tonight.surprise inside

At midnight everything would change and the darkness which had been hanging over the house would find its way inside.  The house, which had seen itself through tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes knew that what was coming would possibly be its destruction.  And it waited for it with a palpable anxiety.  It did not know what it was, so just thought of it as “the monster“.  It knew that the humans that lived within would be unprepared for this creature that was seeking entrance.  The monster that would soon be unleashed into its warmth, but there was nothing it could do.

Nothing moved in the room as the air thickened with anticipation.  The vote you decidesilence was deafening, broken only by the sound of the clock ticking. With every second the hands inched closer and closer to midnight, the hour at which there wold be no turning back.

Within the house, the faint glow of halloween pumpkin decorations lit a large empty box with an eerie yellow glow. The monster that sought entrance into the house had seen it.  Large enough to fit its body, it was the perfect entry point into the human world.  All that was left was to wait. The monster shook with impatience.

In the bottom of the box, the air had already started to thicken and condense into a murky semisolid haze. An evil laugh escaped the monster’s throat as he felt it happen.  Only a matter of seconds now.  The wait was agonizing.

And then, after what had seemed an eternity, the final second ticked midnight.

Time stopped for a microsecond as inhuman powers exerted the force that would be needed to move the monster.  Then, with an unexpected suddenness, the murky hazy air inside the box suctioned inside itself, and the box flaps slammed closed with the air’s force.

The box started shaking – slowly at first, then with a force which

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threatened to destroy the thin cardboard walls.  And then, just as suddenly as it had started, the shaking stopped.  The monster had arrived.

It stared at the darkness around it, knowing that it was now inside the box inside the human’s house.  For half a second, it listened, wondering if anyone had heard.  It must find a safe spot, but the box was not it.  Soon it would be daytime and the humans would be out.  Not hearing anything, it slowly pushed back the flaps of the box and pulled itself out.  It needed time to recover.  It stood up slowly, stretching itself to its full height. Its muscles ached.  Its back was sore.  It must rest.

As the monster stretched, the house caught its first glimpse at the creature that had come through.  It shuddered in fear.  There was nothing it could do to warn its humans.

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Yes, more time was what it needed the monster thought to itself. With a quick glance, it looked around.  A closet door a short distance away seemed perfect.  In a few quick strides it had reached it.  Stepping into the dark interior, the monster pulled the door closed behind itself.  The perfect spot to recover its strength. Another evil laugh escaped from within.

What happens next?

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  • Where did the box come from? (17%, 2 Votes)
  • What's inside the closet? (17%, 2 Votes)
  • The monster finds a victim. (42%, 5 Votes)
  • The monster explores the house. (25%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 12

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22 Responses

  1. astute newt says:

    I’ll tell ya what would happen next in my version of it, fricken sharks with fricken lazer beams on their fricken heads, that’s what.

  2. werewolfdude123 says:

    no, a giant heat seeking missl kills the

  3. lonewolf123 says:

    And my version is a flying monkey breaks the front door down while doing the mocharana and hears a unicorn going neigh, and it goes into one of the human’s rooms and sees a wereunicorn! and the wereunicorn takes the flying monkey for a ride on a rainbow to a magical memory stick who casts a spell to make the monster inside the house to do the jerk and to keep doing it until it touches a LOLcat and then it dies, and the wereunicorn and the flying monkey go back to the house and when they get in, they see the monster doing the jerk, but then the wereunicorn starts doing the jerk too, because its a monster too, and then the wereunicorn and the monster crash into a LOLcat driving a subway, and they die, along with all the people on the subway. they died in the crash. sooo, the flying monkey took over the world and got an emmy for his new single, ‘ooh ahh ooh ahh eek, ook ook at’.

  4. Shadow Hunter says:

    I like your idea, lonewolf. 😀 But which jerk are they doing?

  5. hmmm…vampire monkey?!

  6. Shadow Hunter says:

    Lolz, yeah!

  7. lonewolf123 says:

    The skipping backwards one. I am sooo good at that jerk. theres about 5 people in the whole school out of about 760 kids who can do it perfectly, and I’m one of them. Theres this guy i sit next to named alex, and he does the shuffle. I told him he should update his dancing skillz. Do the solja boy, he told me, but I dont care about that dance. I can do the dougie tho!!! 😀 I be loungin on the couch just chillin in my snuggie, click to MTV so they can teach me how to dougie. i have a longhorn snuggie, and I was with my friend when I had it, and we were listening to it on his MP3, and I took out the snuggie, put it on, and did the dougie when that part came on. He burst out laughing. And he had P90X! then, we left and went running at the park, and we met a really nice, hot girl, but no one had s*x, luckily. It was funny. then we had a party the next day, and when we pulled up into the driveway, Tik Tok was on the channel we were listening to, and when we went inside, that song was playing. wierd how songs apply

  8. lonewolf123 says:

    no! a FLYING MONKEY!

  9. Shadow Hunter says:

    I can do that jerk to. I also can do the dougie. We seriously need to meet one day! You’re so awesome and fun! Someone just like me! I’m dieing to meet you! I can do a lot of jerkind moves. I’m working on the pin drop. Super hard.

  10. Shadow Hunter says:

    OOPS! BEEP BEEP BEEP. Back it up! I meant to put jerking not jerkind. Lolz!

  11. lonewolf123 says:

    My bro is sick! oh noes! and he may have to go to ER if he dont get betta

  12. werewolfdude123 says:

    OH NOES!!!tell him i hope he gets better soon, i hate bein sick.ive only gone 2 docter 1 time cuase of meninjites, sorta odd name though, it was wen i was like 5 or somethin.

  13. werewolfdude123 says:

    i wanna meet you and lonewolf123, i have a freind in college, so, if u guys r way older than me, wont bug me.(no lie, i realy have a freind in colloge)

  14. Shadow Hunter says:

    Lolz, what state you live in? Going to bed. Goodnight my peeps.

  15. werewolfdude123 says:

    i live in California.CALIFORNIA IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!

  16. Shadow Hunter says:


  17. werewolfdude123 says:

    hey, shadow hunter, u still on?

  18. lonewolf123 says:

    Werewolfdude, that wasn’t her. she has NEVER had a different picture. thats a poser.

  19. astute newt says:

    I concur, that shadow hunter is probably a poser.

  20. werewolfdude123 says 'hi' says:

    also, shadow hunters name is in caps, not the way i put it.

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