Monster Rodents are Real – The Capybara

Imagine if you will a gigantic rat bigger than your dog or cat. Sound like something you don’t believe in? (like werewolves?)  Well, there are rodents that are so big, you’ll think it was CGI or photoshop.  Rodents so big, they would be able to knock over a toddler.

FACT:  GIANT RODENTS EXIST!!monster rodent

There is a rodent called Capybara that is considered the largest rodent in the world – it can grow up to 4 feet long and weigh up to 140 pounds.  It’s not exactly a rat, it is though part of the rodent family, and is guaranteed to be the largest rodent you ever saw.  They resemble huge, gigantic versions of guinea pigs,  are herbivores (thank goodness, if they weren’t it would be like a horror movie), and are found mainly in South America.

It is very rare to have a capybara as a pet, but there are a few people out there that do it.  They claim that the rodent is very gentle – and one lady even claims that he is very good at acting like a “lawnmower” for her yard.  They also love water, and some people keep pools in their backyard for them to swim in.



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