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moon vs sunMany people think of the sun and moon as being opposites, and to some extent this is true.  Since the moon can play such a strong role in the life of a werewolf, it’s important to understand the similarities and differences between these two celestial bodies….and perhaps with this knowledge, a greater understanding of what makes the moon so special for werewolves can be extracted. Moon Vs Sun – Let’s start with the moon….

The Moon

The moon is not a planet (like Earth), nor is it a star (like the Sun), rather it is satellite which orbits the Earth approximately every 29 days. The moon has alot of influence upon Earth….it’s gravity affects the ocean tides. In fact, whichever side of the Earth is facing the moon will see a stronger “pull” from the moon’s gravity, causing the oceans to bulge on that side of the Earth. The sun also has some influence on tides, however the moon’s influence is far stronger! The old expression “it must be a pull from the moon” is actually pretty accurate!  Unlike the sun, the moon does not generate its own light. Moonlight is simply a reflection of light – most of which comes from the sun (and some of which is earthlight and starlight).  The moon, in comparison to the sun is incredibly tiny at only 2200 miles in diameter.  In some cultures and beliefs, the moon is considered a “feminine” or “emotional” energy.

The Sun

The sun is actually a star around which the Earth orbits approximately every 365 days. It exerts some effect upon the ocean tides, but not to the effect that the moon does.  Through a process called fusion, the sun produces energy resulting in light which Earthlife relies on…the moon on the other hand is incapable of this process.  The sun is the largest thing in our solar system, much larger than the moon at approximately 865,000 miles in diameter.  In some cultures and beliefs, the sun is considered a “masculine” energy.

Sun Sign vs Moon Sign

The factual differences outlined above on the sun vs the moon are very interesting, and it can start to be seen why the moon can play such an important role to some creatures, as it appears to exert subtle yet strong influences upon the earth and its creatures.  This fact has been known for centuries, and probably in part because of this, even those interested in astrology agree there is a difference….in astrology it is interesting to note that there is both a moonsign and a sunsign!  Someone’s sunsign is the most common zodiac sign that people are familiar with, and represents what zodiac the sun was in at the time of a person’s birth.  The sunsign represents your basic self and ego and the part of you that you show and display to the world.  The lesser known moonsign is the zodiac sign that the moon was in at the time of someone’s birth.  It represents a person’s inner thoughts and feelings and emotional self, and the part of you that you keep more hidden.




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  1. Attel says:

    I have battled a werewolf it isnot the moon that makes him shift he can’t do that when ever he wants to. All the moon dose is make a werewolf stronger and faster.

  2. Hunter says:

    Hello…is anyone on so they can answer some questions?

  3. wereboy says:

    @Buddy: Are you a werewolf and if you are. Are you a black and white with a spot here and there

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