Moonstone reunites lovers and transforms werewolves

What is moonstone?

To most humans, moonstone is nothing but a pretty gemstone. And, if you look at it, not knowing too much more about the gem, that is what you will see – a pretty whitish (or sometimes browinish/greenish) stone that appears almost marbelized.  A stone you might admire and collect – especially if it’s been polished – for nothing more than its pretty ooks.  To others who know about myths, legends, and origins of different terrestrial gemstones, the moonstone is much more than that.  For those who have a more spiritual connection with the earth, it is believed that moonstone represents love, power, healing, and luck.  And going a step beyond that, it is believed that not only does the moonstone represent these things, but it also has actual powers in these areas – powers which date as far back as Roman times, when it was associated with different gods.

The power of moonstone

In more current times,many people have attempted to harness and use the moonstone’s  powers.  For example, it is said that spiritual “healers” use moonstone to stimulate inner strength and power.  Others use the moonstone to connect with their inner soul and in some cases attain almost psychic powers – for example, it is said that the stone can be so powerful it can aid in fortelling the future.  In India, as in many other countries moonstone is considered so powerful it is sacred.

Moonstone can cause werewolves to transform

It is said that moonstone is very strongly associated with the moon.  And for this reason, the best time to use the powers of the moonstone is during the full moon. During a full moon, its power is supposedly at its peak; it can be so strong and powerful during the full moon that it is believed it can reunite lovers, heal the wearer, and promote inner emotional healing. For this reason, many who know of the stone’s powers wear moonstone as an amulet or pendant around their necks. Because of it’s association with the moon, it also should come as no surprise that Moonstone, has  showed up time and time again in werewolf legends and myths.  In fact, it is said that the stone’s powers can aid or assist werewolves in shifting or transforming.



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20 Responses

  1. Judy Bradley says:

    Interesting since the ring Bella always wears is a moonstone.

  2. Lee Ann says:

    If we’re talking about twilight someones gonna die…

  3. Kelly says:

    Son of a….

  4. Kill him!?! Strangle him with his thong!?!Stick his head in a drain!?! Do what you have to do!?!

  5. StormRunner says:

    Whatever you’re gonna do, DO IT NOW!!!!

  6. loopeen says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who don’t like twilight..

  7. JT says:

    same here i actually got drag to that movie by my girlfriend. i felt like i just lost 2 hours off my life afterwards

  8. You poor,poor thing!I will pray for you

  9. Ilysa says:

    Get him away.

  10. I love twighlight! whats so bad about it?

  11. Tia says:

    @hopeful human: Same here. But True Blood is better. :)The next one i am getting out has werewolves in it.

  12. mvbaurqfiorg says:

    @Lee Ann: my thoughts exactly. i was forced into watching the first three by an obsessed fanboy who was my friend. they arent horrible but i dont like them.

  13. and yes it is me: annonymous werewolf, idunno? your face? etc. i changed my name to the name of the main character of a random story with a lot of references to various things about a kingdom of leet people. click the link by my name to view it if you wish.

  14. WolfyxXX says:

    Hello, iv been wondering lately. . . What does it feel like to shift?
    i believe that i am half-wolf (im not full because im going to be 15 in 2 weeks and i have not transformed at all) because the full moon is near and my senses have been significantly rising (yesterday some kid tried to sweep kick me and i jumped over his leg, he came from behind too) and i have been happier lately as well. i am partially psychic and can talk with spirit’s also. I am just very optimistic and feel so weird with this change-of-heart. I remember when I was half asleep. . . something visited me and then i was able to speak telepathically with only spirits tho. . . that night i think i was shifting (not sure) it felt good but also really weird, all that happened was i felt my ears change, growth of claws (i still today sharpen my nails), and tail. . . it was weird and if someone can contact me and give me answers then i would appreciated it:

    if you want just reply here and i will come back

  15. Erst says:

    Well I’m not so sure about the shifting thing but come on Earth! Since September, it’s been overcast over all the full moons and this December, there will be a blizzard on the full moon! I have recented to getting a wolf kigurumi (I’m still quite happy about) and my friend who has shifted like 10 times gave me a moon stone that I put into one of those gem holders. I fell great when I touch it. Coincidence?

  16. Elena says:

    I want to know more about moonstone legends do they really exist

  17. Bella Cullen Powerful says:

    I think even vampires might have some connection with moonstone. Its kind of funny, but maybe Edward was attracted towards Bella because she wore a moonstone. I am a twilight fan, but twilight haters.. I don’t have anything against you!

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