In Romanian gypsy culture, the word for the vampire is the “mullo”.   Mullo mullo vampiretranslates to “one who is dead” or “living dead”.

Like traditional vampires, the mullo was a dead (or really an “undead”) person who drained both animals and people of their blood. Mullos are most commonly believed to be created if someone is killed or dies a wrongful death.  The wrongfully killed person then “rise from the grave” to go after their victimes. If someone is to become a mullo through this proces, it is believed to happen sometime between 40 days to 5 years after burial – this is the time period in which those fearing their return must be most cautious. Caution is required because mullos are not friendly creatures, and are actually considered somewhat vengeful, going after the blood of any relative that caused their death.

The people in the most danger of encountering a mullo are the people they were married to – they tend to return most frequently to spouses or lovers.  The danger in this return, is that the mullo can – and sometimes does – cause a woman to become pregnant.  The resulting baby is not a full-blooded human, and not a full-blooded mullo, but rather a “half vampire” otherwise known as a dhampir.  Gypsies believed that mullos could be warded off or even killed with steel needles to the heart or stomach.