The Werewolf’s Bride

Retold by S.E. Schlosser

There once was a beautiful girl engaged to a soldier who caught the eye of an evil woodsman who had sold his soul for the ability to turn himself into a wolf at will. He lay in wait for the girl when she was walking home one day and accosted her, begging her to elope with him. The maiden refused, spurning his love and crying out to her love to save her from his advances.

The girl’s cries were heard by her eager fiancé, who had come searching for her when she was late returning to her parent’s home. The soldier drove the woodsman away, threatening him with dire consequences if he ever approached the maiden again.

The furious woodsman lay low for a few days, waiting for his chance. It came on the girl’s wedding day. She was dancing happily at her wedding reception with a group of her friends when the woodsman, in the form of a wolf, leapt upon her and dragged her away with him.

The enraged bridegroom gave chase, but the wolf and his bride had disappeared into the thick forest and were not seen again. For many days, the distraught soldier and his friends, armed with silver bullets, scoured the woods, searching for the maiden and her captor. Once the soldier thought he saw the wolf and shot at it. Upon reaching the location, he found a piece of a wolf’s tail lying upon the ground. But of the wolf to which it belonged there was no sign.

After months of searching, his friends begged him to let the girl go and get on with living. But the soldier was half-mad with grief and refused to give up. And that very day, he found the cave where the werewolf lived. Within it lay the preserved body of his beloved wife. The girl had refused the werewolf’s advances to the very end, and had died for it. After his murderous fury had died away, the werewolf had tenderly laid the body of the girl he had loved and had killed into a wooden coffin, where it would be safe from predators, and he came to visit her grave every day. Lying in wait for him, the soldier shot the werewolf several times as he entered the cavern, chasing him down until the maddened and dying werewolf leapt into the lake and disappeared from view. The soldier sat by the lake with his gun, staring into the rippling waters for hours as the catfish ate the bloody bits of the wolf that were floating on the surface of the water.

When his friends found him, the soldier’s mind was gone. He babbled insanely about a werewolf that had been eaten by a catfish when it leapt into the water, and he sobered only long enough to lead the men to the body of his beloved before he collapsed forevermore into insanity. He died a few days later, and was buried beside his bride in a little glen where they had planned to build there house. Their grave is long forgotten, and the place where it stands is covered with daisies in the spring. But to this day, the people of the area have a prejudice against eating catfish, though no one remember why.

Used with permission of S.E. Schlosser and Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

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  1. and also from this time i think i know whats causing your problems and woohooo
    finally someone tried to do that troll thing again XD
    now i can finally stop pretending to be nice cause it really is painful and meh bw/e ill be torturing people at some time but first go for the small then we to top for awesomeness lol XD

  2. Tia says:

    @mr. snoogles!: Who said that I believe in all that stuff? Only resson I went on this site is to look up why all of them think they are werewolves,vampire and witch. And I’m still on here because it’s funny seeing all the post you put on this site. Elliot,Leticia, Callam and Erick is just being really weird thinking they are werewolves,vampires and witches. Everytime I go on facebook newsfeed there is at lest one of there post saying something like this. e.g What Leticia said on her wall, If hell was secretly a wizarding world I would have died years ago..
    What Elliot said on he’s wall at 12am, Full moons for wolves are like that friday night take away for fat people
    The only way I will ever believe in all this stuff is if someone shows me that they can p-shift or shows me proof. And that is kind of hard for all of you because Lee Ann said that only otherkin is real and you can’t p-shift. Werewolves,vampires and witches are only real in moves and books. And they will never be real any where else.

  3. Tia says:

    @mr. snoogles!: I don’t believe in all that stuff but I do believe in god and ghost. I believe in ghost because most of my Dad’s side believes in ghost and stuff has happen near nana’s place, most of my family said that they seen a ghost or they had a feeling. I believe in God because most of my friends does and my family. Every time I go to this youth group before it starts they have this meeting and they always talked about the devil and demons. They said that the devil tried to take away some people because they was in a car crash and he will never take away our people we will always call for God because God is the saver. He will always look after us,that is what we always talk about. When youth was over we all went at for dinner and on the way home we was in a car crash. When we got out of the car my friend hurt her shoulder and the person who was driving the car was one of the people who was at youth with us. The next day we went to chuch and sang some songs and my friend got prad over and they ask me but I said I’m alright. So yer I do believe in God and ghost but not vampires,werewolves and witches.

  4. @Tia:
    You still aint moving that you told the truth now 🙁

  5. Tia says:

    @mr. snoogles!: Hey, Idc if you’re a demon. What do you want to talk about to get off this convo? :/ It’s started to get at of hand. Lol 🙂 I can’t wait till after school drama is finsh so I don’t have to see them.

  6. Tia says:

    @mr. snoogles!: Just asking, How do you know that you’re a demon? If you don’t want to tell me it’s alright. Oh and just telling you.Last wednesday when I was with my friend I seen Elliot walking over near the ovel then he look up and seen me next to my friend and near the stares. He then trun and walked over to where we was standing. My friend then ask him,What’s the the time Mister Wolf. He said, I don’t fu**ing no!!!. My friend said, he is in a bad mood. And because Elliot was mad at my friend for saying that I said, OHHH POOR BABY!. He trun around and stop in one spot and just stared at me. I done the same to him because I’m sick of him doing that. When I was stareing at him both of us was looking into each others eyes. :/ We stayed there for 5 or 10 mins, He’s eyes went nearly white and he looked away first. And he walked off. 😀 Later on in the lunch brake I was with Callam and Callam’s friend. I didn’t know till Callam’s friend said hey to him that Elliot was walking past me. Before he went around the corner he stop and look at me and gave me that look how your eyes are half close and open and then he walked off. lol At lest he knows what it is like to get stare at. 😀 And he was the one who yelled at my friend.

  7. Tia says:

    @silver wolf: Lol I only just seen this post, what the hell are you 2 in love it’s like a whole persanel text wow wow can any one els talk here dam. And no I don’t, I like this other guy who doesn’t believe in this stuff just like me. Random I know but who cares it’s better then being propler. 🙂

  8. Tia says:

    @mr. snoogles!: And Elliot has been freaking my friend out as well. He was stareing at her and everytime she trun around he was still stareing and plus he yelled at my other friend just like I told you in the other post. Idc if he thinks he is a werewolf he shoudn’t scary my friends and yell at them. I told Kayla why Elliot might of stared at her because that day when I hide in the liebray before I went to my group my friend was there and she asked Letica way they was then then they said that they was wanting for me so my friend told her off and said, Leave Tia fu**ing alone. Then she went and looking for me. But still it doesn’t mean he can freak my friend out. >;[

  9. blackwolf says:

    i feel like a monster b/c i am but i can’t tell what tester can be on here

  10. Twilight says:

    @blackwolf but if u were a monster u wouldnt say >.> maybe i havent said anything bcuz…….. i cant…

  11. Twilight says:

    @blackwolf: well this was supposed to go to u: if u were a monster of one type u wouldnt tell…. maybe i havent said anything bcuz….. it could hurt or even kill me

  12. reaper says:

    @Tia: actually there is a rare disease ththad infected a family in nre mexico causing them to have great amounts of hair growth which was known as the werewolf disease n plus the reason they came up with vampires was brcause of vlad the impaler a killer from he 16 century who would drink his enenmys blood etc a vampire

  13. Hunni says:

    not sure if i like this story or not …..

  14. cranky steve says:

    @Tia: The kind of proof you demand is available but restricted to those who have the capacity to pursue it. I do not believe you have the discipline to pursure the path.

  15. Tia says:

    @cranky steve: Yeah your right about one thing I’m not sure if I believe in vampires,werewolves and witches. And I thought they would stop thinking they are wolves and witch by now because they are nearly finsh grad 12 but no they still say the same thing. o.O And last night I was at this youth girls night and we was talking about what we all believe in and what powers is in with us because god walks beside us. They also asked what we get called at school. This is what everyone said. Weird,nerds,freaks,crazy,thinks that we are smart all the time,random,always listing to our parants,dumb and more. But whocares at less I’m not the only one. The oldnest person there is in her 30’s,we are all friends and look after each other. And the other thing my friend said, everyone is weird in one way or other. 🙂

  16. Argharna Welyn says:

    @Tia:so true

  17. Isabel says:

    where’s my Silver Wolf? 🙁 <3

  18. Isabel says:

    @Ashley:Do you know where my Silver Wolf is?

  19. Lovestar24 says:

    They should of given up on her the 4th day because they would realize she was dead or forever taken away by the wolf

  20. Madd Dogg says:

    whoever the hell wrote this did a dama fine job two tumbs up

  21. Madd Dogg says:

    whoever the hell wrote this did a damn fine job two tumbs up

  22. bridget says:

    good story

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