Some of us are born werewolves. This point was recently brought up by one of our commentators, and it is such a good point, I wanted to reiterate it. We focus so much on humans that become werewolves and how to deal with the transformation, the judgment from humans, the confusion. But we hardly ever discuss that there are some that are actually born werewolves. They know no other way to live. They were never human, so don’t know what it’s like to have those basic human freedoms. Their whole lives they’ve been forced to be secretive.

These naturally born werewolves tend to be more generous towards humans. They see the fragility of the human race, and often try to study them in close-quarters. Never having been human themselves, they envy humans, and many of them become obsessed with trying to find some way to in fact become human themselves. These attempts will always be unsuccessful, because for the naturally-born werewolf, there will never be an opportunity for them to shed the mantle that makes them a werewolf. It is ingrained in who they are.