New Cloverfield Trailer with official title today!

So there’s this new (horror? or thriller?) movie coming out called Cloverfield, and to great hype, the new trailer for the Cloverfield movie is being released today!  It’s also known as 1-18-08.  It’s pretty top secret, and even the website 1-18-08 is vague, with just some movie stills that are date stamped and posted for puzzle-solvers to solve the meaning. It is an action/sci-fi movie.  The first trailer aired right before the movie Transformers and was from a handheld point of view, and got alot of buzz just for that reason, it was so vague – with no title of the movie even showing on the screen.  It did however say January 18, 2008 (hence why everyone started referring to is as 1-18-08).  Looks like the real name of the movie though is Cloverfield.  It is produced by JJ Abrams (of Lost fame).   Some theorize that Cloverfield is a godzilla movie, but noone really knows for sure.  What is known is very brief – it’s about a monster attack in New York.  The website does not have the Cloverfield trailer.  A new Cloverfield trailer is going to be debuting today, November 16 right before the new Beowulf movie. There’s alot of hype about this trailer / teaser as it will apparently decisively tell the official title of the movie (which is expected to be, to no surpise, Cloverfield).  I’ll let you know once I’ve seen the new trailer!
Check out the cloverfield trailer!



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3 Responses

  1. Greyr says:

    yay!!! i got to be the first XD booyah!

  2. lonewolf123 says:

    That movie was aweshus.

  3. she wolf says:

    I gotta tell this to my dad.

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