New Werewolves – werewolf evolution

The werewolves that are being depicted in modern media is what many would call “new werewolves“. They are not the werewolves of yesterday with hair all over their bodies and an uncontrollable urge to attack people. The new werewolves are werewolves that resemble humans. This is what the media depicts, and alot of this has to do with what people are interested in in pop-culture today. But, if you leave media behind, a new question poses itself – are there really “new werewolves”? In other words, have werewolves been evolving the way that humans have evolved?

The study of human evolution is supported and studied primarily by way of fossils, but with werewolves, there are no fossils to analyze, so the question of evolution is left to speculation. There are some people that do speculate that werewolves have evolved over time. Those that believe this, cite a few things as prime examples.  One big thing that these people tend to believe in the way of werewolf evolution is the change in size.  They believe that werewolves have gotten bigger over time, much the same as humans have gotten bigger over time. This theory is supported by sightings. When analyzed, you’ll find that current eyewitness reports of werewolves depict larger sized werewolves than older reports which typically were merely wolf-size.  And there are other things related to physical appearance that humans say have come with evolution- no tails, less-radical fangs, the inability to completely shift into wolf form…all of these things humans claim as part of “new werewolves”.  But is this human perception and exaggeration?  Do humans really know as much about werewolves as they think? Or is this all true and in fact evolution?  That is the question that is still being debated.

Another thing that some say that supports werewolf evolution, is that alot of werewolf folklore references the fact that werewolves do not have any control over their transformations.  Many modern-day werewolves however, have found transformation control as something that can be learned over time.  There are those that claim that this control came as part of the evolutionary process.  There are others however on the other side of the fence that say how can control be part of evolution?  It is not evolution, but rather the better understanding that people now have of werewolves that makes them think that control of transformations is part of the so-called “new werewolves” and not the ancient ones.



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23 Responses

  1. Dynomutt says:

    Interesting. Deffinitely something I’ve noticed as well. I personally can only m-shift at will. My p-shift is generally dictated by the moon. As to control in “wolf form” I think that, as society changes, we became more obligated to hide and control ourselves (that and a desperation not to tear your loved ones apart) so our ancestores discovered methods of control which have been passed on and possibly inherrited.

  2. Aconissa says:

    I suppose this could be, but evolution generally takes millions of years to take effect. That amount of time has not yet passed since even the evolution of homo sapiens.

  3. lightening says:

    Yes. Yes. My transformation happens at will, as in I can transform any time, moring or night but I have seen other new werewolves. They are very big and they change at will just like I do. One question though to you Dynomutt. When you P-shift, do you remember it? I am asking because someone diagnoosed a friend of mine with in lycanthropy, because he thought he was a werewolf. Maybe you may be experiencing the same thing? He too said he could m-shift at will but not p-shift. That it was only the moon that dictated his shifts, now because of this he was laughed at at the new werewolves. I hope you are been honest with us.

  4. Dynomutt says:

    I believe that the “new werewolves” are generally only portrayed in media only. I think it influences and confusess newer werewolves.

  5. pklett92 says:

    agreed…you dont change that quickly, and the number of shapes you can shift into is limited to your height and weight.

  6. pklett92 says:

    and your blood type…

  7. Aconissa says:

    @lightening: You seem to tell us how you can shift all the time. I think we get it now, no need to brag.

  8. Lunar says:

    Not always does it take that long. Something that serves as proof even to humans, is a pig. Those pink pigs people make into pets? It it gets out in the wild, it can revert back. It will grow tusks, and thick bristly fur in a matter of months. It’s how it can survive. Then again, I think that’s considered devolution. I think devolution is shorter time.

  9. Aconissa says:

    @Lunar: Yes, but usually it would take at least two generations and only minor differences would take place

  10. Selinath says:

    Take this into consideration, and i’m not discounting what anyone has said. Have you all thought about what they put in the food they give livestock? If that can cause 8 year old females to start menstrating when it used to be 10-12 less than 5 years ago, could it not also effect wolfen evolution? If the hormones they injected into cattle and other meats that many people eat can cause a petuitary growth spurt in a male who hasn’t even reached the age of 13 yet, can it not also affect wolfen evolution? I highly doubt that everyone that claims to be a wolf here feeds soley on rabbits and deer. I’m not saying that it’s not a possibility that some wolves do, but honestly who doesn’t like a rare steak every now and then? Just think about what they put into the food of livestock to make it taste better or look better. Look at the effects it has had on human development over the last 5-10 years and tell me that there is not a slight possibility that it could effect wolfen evolution and development as well.

  11. alex says:

    Can some one pleas tell me what to do to become a weghted one?

  12. Aconissa says:

    @Selinath: But a single change in diet cannot make something evolve. Its not that hard to affect a woman’s menstruation. If a girl stops eating, she stops menstruating. If she does intensive exercise, she stops menstruating. If she starts taking the pill, she stops menstruating. Evolution, on the other hand, takes time.

  13. josh says:

    I’m not so much sure if it is a evolution thing as to much as a protege of the original disease. In my opinion(and sorry if I offend anyone)…I think in the years passed the original strain has changed itself threw the ppl it has affected for example the common cold there are many diff types of the common cold and when a person catches a certin cold from someone it may affect them in a diff way as like a more severe caugh or a higher temp. In my research there has been three diff ways to be a werewolve 1.being born with the original strain…2 being bite or having the curse transfer to you by contact with the strain……which seems to be the “new age” werewolves of today. And 3…demonic possession….but correct me if I’m wrong it just my opinion and theroy

  14. alex says:

    Is aybody online

  15. Greyr says:

    I think the new ones would only come as hybrids. -.-

  16. jakar says:

    young ones hehe this never gets old Im pretty confident some of my old pals have come back to haunt me he

  17. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    @jakar: they will hunt you unless you join the military werewolves would never mess with a trained soldier

  18. crimsonalpha says:

    Just read all of the comments and found both interesting comments and theories, particularly the de-evolution, hormones in our livestock diets, and the “disease” comment/theory although personally i wouldn’t refer to being a werewolf as a disease or a curse but a gift

  19. francine arcieri says:

    how do you have a werewolf fall in love with you? I certaintly think its worth a try! or how do you get them to notice you in the first place first and foremost?

  20. Bloodfang (Steven foley) says:

    I can shift into the p-shift and m-shift at will and I remember every thing that happens i can use my human mind and my wolf mind any time I want so can access my strength speed and enhanced scenes any time I want

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