The Death of Spider-man?!

Spider-man News!

Apparently in the comic series “Ultimates,” Spider-Man is killed off by the Green Goblin, and replaced with another younger character with a “completely different background”… read the full story here…

“Peter Parker gets killed at the hands of his nemesis the Green Goblin. But, being a comic book series, no hero stays dead for long. While Peter Parker may be gone, a new kid is stepping into the tights: Miles Morales.”

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2 Responses

  1. Eh. It’s the Ultimates universe, what else can you expect?

    Since Superman was killed in the early 1990’s and then was “resurrected” it’s almost passe when a comic icon dies. I think the it all got out of hand when they killed the second Robin and then brought him back too.

  2. Such a shame when they start resurrecting 🙁

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