night sky viewing 2013

night sky viewingHere are a few nighttime celestial events to put on your calendar for 2013! The first night sky event is available for viewing tonight, so if you’re lucky enough to have a clear view of the sky, look up, you may just see the sky raining down more fireworks into the New Year! 😉

January 1 & 2Quadrantids Meteor Shower – one of the smaller meteor showers, that will be at its peak early in the morning of January 3!

March 20March equinox – Time of year when the length of the day and night are the same.

April 21, 22Lyrid Meteor Shower – a lightshow courtesy of Comet Thatcher

April 25 Partial Lunar Eclipse – the Earth’s shadow partially covers the moon.

May 5 & 6 Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower – dust from Haley’s Comet

May 10Annular Solar Eclipse – Sun and Moon are exactly lined up.

May 25Pennumbral Lunar Eclipse – the moon moves through the Earth’s shadow.

June 21Summer Solstice – sometimes called the June solstice, happens when the sun is farthest away from the equator

July 28 & 29Southern Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower – a smaller, but no less noteworthy meteor shower

August 12 & 13 Perseids Meteor Shower – a spectacular meteor shower that has been viewed for over 2000 years

September 22September Equinox – sometimes called the Southward equinox, occurs when the sun crosses the celestial equator

October 18Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – the moon moves through the Earth’s shadow.

October 21 & 22 Orionids Meteor Shower – debris from Haley’s Comet

November 3 –  Hybrid Solar Eclipse – a rare eclipse that happens with the moon goes in front of the sun, casting its shadow upon the earth

November 17 & 18 Leonids Meteor Shower – an inspiring meteor shower that look to come from constellation Leo

December 13 & 15Germinids Meteor Shower – the result of Earth passing through debris from asteroid 3200 Phaethon

December 12Winter Solstice – sometimes called the December solstice, in the northern hemisphere it’s the longest night and shortest day of the year, while in the southern hemisphere it’s the longest day and shortest night of the year



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