Night-walking Dead in Ireland are called marbh bheo

Ireland is most famously known for fairies – Irish fairy tales are famous and well-associated with the country. Ireland however also has its share of darker, more evil creatures…one of them is the marbh bheo.

The marbh bheo is what the Irish call the night-walking dead – in other words, a type of zombie. Legends vary as to whether or not these creatures are evil or good…some tales claim that they simply roam the earth aimlessly with no real intentions (good or bad) towards humans. Other legends claim that these creatures are evil, often seeking vengeance against those that wronged them in life, and that they are in league with the devil. Legends however do mostly agree on their appearance – the marbh bheo are humans how have risen from the grave, and just like zombies, they appear in varying states of decomposition.

The marbh bheo are celebrated October 31 during what is called the Failte na Marbh (Festival of the dead).



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