nothing is impossible

To everybody that says “werewolves are impossible, there is no way they can exist”, I say – NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE.

Typically, and usually, their cynical response is, “No, you are wrong – werewolves are not real, they are impossible!”

To all those humans that read this, and that is what is popping into your head, I submit the following example to show you the fallacy of your thinking:

What if….
There was a creature that could reach out its hand, touch something and then make itself invisible to the eye by changing to the exact color of that thing it touched in SECONDS?  Let’s say it touches something PURPLE, then its whole body changes to PURPLE.  Then it touches something YELLOW, and its whole body changes to YELLOW.  Does that sound impossible?  How in the world could a creature change its whole body color / skin color in mere seconds to any color it simply touched?

Does that sound impossible?
If you think about it, I mean really think about it, yes, it sounds pretty far fetched.  And yet, most of us can think about a creature that does that – the chameleon.  “Oh, but the chameleon can do that of course, that’s just natural, that proves nothing!”

Really? Seem natural to you? Have you ever seen it happen? Check out this video. How IMPOSSIBLE does this look?  To me, it seems pretty crazy. It seems pretty far-fetched.  It seems pretty impossible when I watch it. In fact, I watch it and can’t believe my eyes!  And yet, there is science behind how the chameleon can change colors like this.  What I’m trying to say, and what my point is…is that if you are one of those humans that think it is so impossible to shape-shift, start thinking about other things that seem pretty impossible.  Other things that seem like they just couldn’t happen at all….and yet they do happen.  I challenge you to remain open-minded to the possibility – the mere possibility that something that you might think impossible simply because you haven’t seen, or simply because it sounds to far-fetched, can exist.
After, all, how impossible does this look? The amazing chameleon?

To believe a thing impossible is to make it so.

– an old French proverb.

(For those who are curious…here is the science behind the chameleon’s color change:
Chameleons have a layer of skin with cells called chromatophores which are layered with different pigment colors – the top has red and yellow, the bottom Melanophore layer has blue and white pigments. The chameleon “tells” which cells to become bigger – in this way he can mix and match the pigments to the color he wants to achieve by enlarging them – in essence, the process works just like paints! The chameleon wants to turn red? Well, he will “enlarge” all his red pigments! and so on and so forth for different colors. This allows the chameleon to actually change color in what seems almost a magical way!)



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5 Responses

  1. Rebbeca Goldentail says:

    The word impossible says: I,M POSSIBLE!!!

  2. adam says:

    it is true i am a werewolf

  3. Rebbeca Goldentail says:

    i am too a werewolf

  4. Lachlan says:

    really? are you really? if so… how did you become one!?

  5. Mvbaurqfiorg says:

    I am a kitsūne, it is good to be able to speak with open-minded people, because they are more likely to believe you are what you say you are if you give them proof.

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